More than cupcakes at Bloomsbury's - Various locations in Abu Dhabi

If you have walked through Al Wahda Mall, you have probably seen Bloomsbury's. 'The place with the cupcakes' is what you possibly said to a friend. It was in this context that I visited them recently, expecting an afternoon of sweet taste and visual decadence. 

The menu is where one's surprise begins. Bloomsbury's is more than just cupcakes. We all know they do to-die-for boutique and luxury cupcakes, but they also have a fabulous menu page of savoury treats. There is a compact selection of sandwiches and salads. I am torn between the Carrot qinoa salad and the Butternut squash salad. The latter, especially, looks intriguing. In the end though, I go for a third alternative, the Beetroot and feta salad. My choice turns out to be a winner. The taste and textures dazzle - balsamic brings that sweet acidic element to the dish. Texturally, the crunch of walnuts and sunflower seeds contrast with the medium soft feta. Finally, if you like more acidity, there is the lemon flavour that holds it all together. At 31AED I defy you to find a cheaper salad of this quality. 

I then have a Smoked Salmon on multi loaf sandwich. It is a classic sandwich. Uncomplicated, but the key is the freshness of the ingredients. The creamy cheese is rich and generous. Of course the unexpected tart from the capers makes this a great sandwich. At only 39AED, there is great value for money here.

Finally, Bloomsbury's is mainly about those deliciously devilish sweet treats that are cupcakes. I have a red velvet, their top selling cupcake. It is, as the name suggests, all smoothness. The anticipated sweet rush does not materialise. A cup cake not overwhelmed by sugar - I like it. Finally, the triple chocolate brownie is delicious too. I recommend that it is put in the oven a short while. That chocolate will just ooze into your plate. Make sure you order their Union hand roasted coffee. My daughter recognised them from a  lesson at school on Fair trade. She was excited. I was equally excited about the rich aromatic taste. 

Staff are warm and friendly, and willing to engage with guests. Furthermore, if you have the chance to meet Glen, the Operations Manager, you will be so fascinated. It is not every day you meet a Hong Kong national in F&B in Abu Dhabi. 

Bloomsbury's is definitely about more than cupcakes and bespoke cakes. While it specialises and excels in the aforementioned, I enjoyed their savoury items, perfect when you want to have something hearty and filling before ending with a sweet indulgence. It offer a succinct menu at great value that undercuts its competitors. So, whether you want a sandwich, a cupcake or a cup of their rich coffee, look no further than Bloomsbury's. 

The lowdown

Al Wahda Mall
Also Muroor Rd, Dubai mall and RAK mall. 

Brandon Stoltenkamp