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Luxury, lifestyle and attention to children - The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai

The Dubai Marina has something very international about it. The licenced cafes in places. The yachts that are docked there. The shopping options. The visitors. The location. Then, of course, the hotels. The Address. It says alot about a hotel when it calls itself The Address Dubai Marina. Think about it. 'Where are you staying? Oh, I am staying at The Address Dubai Marina.' There is caché to it, isn't there? But is it warranted? Does The Address Dubai Marina really offer an experience that makes it worthy of this title? I recently tried it out.

The Room
Luxurious. Our Premier Suite offered a view of the gorgeous marina. With a separate bedroom and living room area, the 70 SQM are well used. A balcony in the living room brings the marina even closer. Also, the glorious swimming pool at Shades is also in full view and it entices me to go out immediately. However, there were so many attractions in the room, that I just wanted to stay and enjoy them. The bathroom continued the l…

Afternoon Tea at Kambaa - The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai

Afternoon Tea! What does it evoke? Dainty sandwiches? Beautiful china and matching silver? Respect for ceremony at a time when life is becoming too easy and casual? Little girls in pretty dresses with their dads having a cup of tea? Whatever it is to you, Afternoon Tea is just a wonderful treat that the English have gifted us. The venue for my latest experience of this tradition is at the fabulous The Address Dubai Marina, at its lobby lounge, Kambaa. 

Three tiers, as is customary in fairness,  greet us, with scones  at the top. Rather appropriate. The centre piece for me in an afternoon tea set is the scones. The set has two types - a raisin scone and a plain classic scone, if you will. The scones make the afternoon experience for me because everything hinges on them. You can have excellent pastries and finger sandwiches, but the scones have to be perfect. Today, the scones are just that. They break without crumbling - so they have the right level of firmness. They are still warm, but…

The Spa at The Address - The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai

It is interesting how every spa claims to be an oasis of tranquility creating a  sea of calm, using all those clichés that marketers come up with to sell treatments. It took me 5 seconds to realise The Spa at The Address genuinely does all the above. It is not a marketing ploy. The 5 seconds it took me to walk past the wooden beams , lanterns and stone wall already created that sense of calm, or at least laid the foundation for it. 

I have been to spas where they have dabbled with changing the dominant colours in the spa away from earthy colours - there is a reason spas have earthy colours: they calm us down. The Spa at The Address, however,  uses earthy tones and  to good effect. The browns and light browns and in-betweens, from the entrance to the bathrooms and change rooms to the treatment rooms, keep that theme going so that the idea of repose and unwinding are never far from you. 

My treatment for today is the Quirogolf Massage, described by the hotel a treatment that uses golf bal…

The Superhero Brunch at Mazina - The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai

Remember the days as a child when you watched Superman for the first time? The awe with which you saw him fly and your parents had to remind you not to try it? How about how you always cheered for Batman against the bad guys? Or as a girl when you swapped Barbie for Wonder Woman? Superheroes have fascinated us throughout our childhood and as parents, we have indulged our children the way we were indulged by our parents when it comes to superheroes. 
Well, when I took my daughter to the Superhero brunch at The Address Dubai Marina, I am not sure who was more fascinated of the two of us. The idea of superheroes connects with all of us on some level, making it a very clever idea.

Some talking points from the brunch
1. A dedicated kids' brunch 
Forget the sad chicken nuggets and fries, a candy floss machine and a clown so ubiquitous at brunches. This brunch has a dedicated kids' area, with staff minding kids while parents, a few meters away, can enjoy brunch for 3 hours while their ki…