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Qatar Airways to South Africa

It has been a while since I have written here. You will forgive me if you knew that I just returned from Japan where I spent an unforgettable two weeks. But more of that later. In my last entry I mentioned that I would write about my trip to South Africa. Hopefully the old grey matter has not deteriorated too badly and I can still share the essential aspects of the trip.

It was a 6am departure from Abu Dhabi to Doha and then on to Johannesburg. It meant waking up at the difficult hour of around 3.00am to be at the airport by 4. I am a stickler when it comes to the 2 hour suggested time before an international flight. Why Doha? Qatar Airways of course. Despite the inconvenience of their airport at the moment  (bus rides to terminals while they prepare to move to the new airport later this year), I like them. Young fleet,  staff that are big on safety procedures, experienced and well paid pilots, good safety record, attention paid to young travellers...I think you get the pictur…