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New menu at the fabulous Bu! - The Hub, World Trade Centre Mall, Abu Dhabi

It is hard to believe it is already a year since Bu! wowed us with their grand opening and brought a unique experience to the city. It was quite a coup that it came to Abu Dhabi and did not go to Dubai. If you have not been, the restaurant is a striking piece of work, both quirky and chic but always stylish. This pan-Latin establishment recently introduced its new menu and tonight I am here to try it. 

 The restaurant blends a very natural an urban-industrial vibe with elegant touches. Its terrace is one of the best places for a drink in the cooler months, but for now, my guest and I are seated indoors, a  refuge from the early Summer heat. 

Dinner starts off with a duo of ceviches and a duo of tiraditos. For the uninitiated, a ceviche is a South American dish of fresh seafood that's been 'cooked' in a citrus based sauce. A Tiradito, on the other hand, is a typical Peruvian dish that is the equivalent of sashimi. 
We have a serving platter of Ceviche vegetariano and a Salmon

BOA Steakhouse, a very stylish steakhouse in the city - Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Abu Dhabi

Any visit to BOA Steakhouse has to start at the cosy bar-cum-lounge. It is small and intimate and allows for one to take in the stunning restaurant. This is exactly what I did on my recent visit. 

While they are renown for their signature cocktails, I felt at home with a glass of Taittinger Brut NV while nibbling on some excellent mini bite bar food. In a city where big is better, this little bar and lounge is  a place I could come back to for just a drink. It has that feel to it. About 30 minutes later, my guest and I made our way to our table. 

The booths at BOA are actually quite comfortable - I am often put off by this because I find myself having to stretch or sit on the edge of my seat. No such issues here. It matters of course - three hours is a long time!

We have three starters to share. We start with the the Fine de Claire oysters, which while predictable, are well shucked and with a simple slice of lemon, deliver. 

Victor, our waiter, then brings all the ingredients for a Table …

High end beef with a warm African vibe - The Meat Co, Souk Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

I recently visited The Meat Co, the high-end steakhouse at the Souk at Qaryat Al Beri next to Shangri-la, as part of my steakhouse roundup in Abu Dhabi. The location itself, with views of the canal and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, removed from the stiffness of a hotel, alone makes it an attractive option for some steaks. 

My daughter and I arrive just before sunset, allowing us views the aforementioned sights. These tables are premium spots in the cooler months. However, after getting a few pics this evening, we head inside for the air conditioner and are seated. 

It is a warm restaurant with a lot of dark wood and lighting creating it. It is casual, but don't expect cheap prices. The restaurant is competitive with any steakhouse in the city, as is reflected on the menu. 

My daughter starts with Biltong, a South African version of beef jerky, but much better. It is a fun way for her to start her evening and it takes her back to her last visit in Johannesburg. 

On the other hand, I order the B…

Iftar at Tamba - The Hub, World Trade Centre Mall, Abu Dhabi

When it comes to iftars, I have a Jekyll and Hyde attitude. When it comes to all day dining restaurants, I want to feel certain aspects of Ramadan - iconography that reminds me of the time, food that conveys a sense of abundance and food that speaks of Arabia. Then, there are more independent minded restaurants where I tend to expect a concept that reflects the restaurant's own ethos. Interestingly, my two favourite iftars last year were exactly two that reflected this dichotomy mentioned above.
I recently tried the iftar preview at Tamba. Would they try and infuse their dishes with Arabia or would they stay true to their philosophy?

Tamba's 'Iftar Culinary Experience' as it is called comprises some favourite dishes that regulars would have encountered on the Tamba menu. The iftar experience starts off with a  selection of Ramadan juices. This is the most obvious item on the menu that tells you you're in Ramadan. 

Then, there is a  choice of soup. I choose the lentil …