Friday brunch at The Café - The Park Hyatt Hotel & Villas, Abu Dhabi

Ever since staying at The Park Hyatt in Tokyo, I have been in love with the brand. While still part of a chain, it has since been a  brand that is somewhat left of centre because it is so under stated. The Park Hyatt Hotel & Villas in Abu Dhabi continues that tradition. I recently had the pleasure of trying their Friday brunch. Here follows 5 reasons the brunch is a winner.

The Park Hyatt brand
There is something very unique and classy about the brand. However, pricing of the brunch puts it on par with what is out there, and in some cases, undercuts some key competitors. It is a brunch that has not suffered from over exposure, meaning you get that experience that is less common than most in the city.

The Grill station
An exceptional part of the brunch. These made-to-order dishes were a real highlight. Firstly, because it breaks the idea that you are at a  buffet and secondly, the quality on offer could not be questioned. The Grilled 1824 tenderloin from Australia excited me, and it was cooked to perfection, as per my request. The foie gras of course, such a staple at brunches these days, did not disappoint. The choice of parsnip purée was a great choice, instead of the ubiquitous jams that kill foie gras. The accompanying cranberries brought a sweet-acidic flavour to the dish.

The 1824 tenderloin
Foie gras on parsnip purée
Finally, the scallops were another  highlight. That pea purée was perfect. There was also a risotto. Rich and creamy. Finally, the Wagyu mini beef burger highlighted the F&B strength of this Park Hyatt as it showcased The Park Bar & Grill restaurant. I loved the manner in which the brunch made use of this strength and also created curiosity in guests to perhaps want to have a full dinner at the aforementioned restaurant. 

The dessert station
It was really a tale of two dessert stations. In one area of the brunch was what I would describe as  a standard dessert station with chocolate fountains. While not a kids' dessert station as such, it is definitely for those with very sweet teeth. There was a nice touch with the inclusion of lollipops. My daughter was beside herself. Then there was the more sophisticated patisserie station - unique and eye catching. A variety of treats included Vanilla oreo cookie crumbles, Chocolate profiteroles, Passion raspberry profiterole and Red raspberry financier. One looks for stand out elements in a  brunch, this is definitely one of them at The Café brunch. 

Camp Hyatt for kids
While I am active parent and scoff at the idea of baby sitters and child minders, I think brunch is different and children get bored. It is too much to ask a 6 year old to sit for 4 hours while his parents chat, eat and have  a drink. Instead of the usual clown that one finds at a brunch, The Café has a dedicated concept for children. Two staff ensure that children are entertained for as long you want your them there. My daughter was in the club for around 2 hours, making mini pizzas, face painting and drawing. 

The terrace
Sitting underneath palm trees in a de facto dessert, sipping on Champagne is so surreal. The outside dining area is really a draw and even though we are robbed of it for 6 months a year, we do benefit from enjoying the cool air and sea breeze that is still around at this time of year. In the hot Summer months it closes of course, but the inside seating area will be an advantage in its own right because it is quite intimate and cosy. 

The verdict
I liked it! Located on Saadiyat island, I felt I 'went away'. The Park Hyatt is a 30 minute drive from my home, but I liked that fact. It is that feeling that I have gone somewhere. Once there, there were some really strong stations, making it all worth while. With indoor seating of around 90, it is a perfect sized brunch that ensures personalised service. Executive Chef Guillaume and his team were very active, ensuring guests had all their needs met- easier to do when your brunch is not too big. A must try.

The Essentials

The Café Friday Brunch
Park Hyatt Hotel & Villas
Abu Dhabi
971 2 407 1234

Standard package 310AED++
House beverages 380AED++
There is also a Champagne package

Brandon Stoltenkamp