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Happy Hour at China Bar - Park Hyatt Hotel, Beijing

The Park Hyatt in Beijing has all that makes the Park Hyatt brand what it is - understated elegance for the discerning traveller who appreciated unobtrusive luxury. This I was able to glimpse as I made my way to the hotel's bar, China Bar. I arrived around 6pm, for its happy Hour that runs from 17h30-20h00 every day. That was just in time to watch the sun set. Incidentally, I was not allowed to use my Canon to take pictures inside, even though I explained, so I had to make do with my old iPhone SE. I found it odd - would a hotel not want higher quality pics on a blog?

The bar is perched on the 65th floor, giving stunning views of the city, especially as day turns into night. I started off with a glass of Chandon Brut, the Australian sparkling wine that is also locally produced - in Ningxia of all places.  The Chinese wine market  generally churns out red wines, so this marked a welcome surprise for me.  I must say, as a sparkling wine, it is not bad at all. At half the price of a g…

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