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The Pink Brunch - Home style by Champagne Lovers, Tianjin

  Brunch. That name, after so many weekend brunches, I am still excited when I go for brunch. It is the pre-brunch ritual that is as much a part of brunch as is what happens from 12-3pm. In recent times, I have turned to dining at home. The city I live in does not have a brunch culture, so if I want to go for lavish brunch, I need to go to Beijing. So, home brunching makes sense.  at this the first Champagne Lovers Tianjin brunch, i went with a PINK theme, as a reminder to guests about breast cancer. In the lead up to the brunch, I shared a simple message: Test yourself every year and encourage those you know to do the same. Of course, a couple of us too it to mean dress as well. In terms of food, the theme was 'Dishes inspired by the street' - a fine take on street food. Enjoy these pics with us. Concept Details We all share the cost of everything. I then create a menu, check on dietary issues and prepare the dishes. To take the pressure off me, because there are often last mi

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