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Brunch with an unforgettable view - Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, Johannesburg

 Johannesburg is home to one of the most iconic hotels in the city, largely due to its enviable location. I remember visiting The Westcliff with its then peach terracotta coloured facade many years ago. It possessed a certain charm and romance about it then. When I heard the hotel was to be rebranded as a Four Seasons property around 2014, my heart sank, fearing the worst for this  fine hotel that has the most spectacular views of the glorious urban forest including the zoological gardens in Johannesburg's northern suburbs. I finally had the chance to revisit the hotel and experience their Sunday brunch, and as we drove up the hill, I felt this surge of memories  from previous visits  rush at me  and while the walls are now a softer colour, I knew immediately that the soul of the hotel had not changed. Upon our arrival at the hotel outdoor reception area, we are directed to the parking area by one of 3 gentlemen on duty and he tells us he will follow us in a golf buggy and then dri

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