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Sunday Brunch at Mauro Colagreco's Azur, Shangri-La Beijing

When a restaurant is housed in my favourite hotel chain, I expect quite a lot. Azur by Mauro Colagreco has a lot to live up to, considering Chef Mauro's Minazur on the French Riviera has been in the worlds50best restaurants since its debut in 2009 and currently occupies the number one position and is  the proud holder of 3 Michelin stars. Of course a brunch experience is not the same as dinner, but I believed, as I walked in to Azur, that it should nonetheless give me a good glimpse into the heart and soul of Azur. Situated in the fairly new Valley Wing of Shangri-la, the entrance ensures that you don't get that feeling that you are in a  big hotel - there is no lobby to speak of really. So, how did my experience go?

Brunch Concept
In-keeping with its status as a fine dining restaurant - there is seating for around 60-75 people - Azur offers a set menu for brunch, with considerable choice, ensuring  a fairly personalized brunch afternoon. I am a frequent bruncher (not sure there…

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