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The Shangri-la hotel in Tianjin, China - a must stay.

I am a city boy, as the expression goes. You could be be a city girl. When I arrive at a city hotel, I want to feel I am in a city hotel. As I leave the subway station I walk about 5 minutes and see it in front of me, the Shangri-la Hotel, Tianjin. Yes, this looks like a city hotel. As I stepped into the lobby, the same thought stayed with me. That familiar signature Shangri-la white tea scent that permeates every lobby and of course the opulent but tasteful  lobby lounge. Yes, this is indeed a city hotel, and a luxurious one at that. For my check-in I am shown to the elevator for the Horizon Club Lounge with its dedicated check-in  area. Having taken a taxi, two high speed trains, and a subway ride, checking in with a glass of water in my hand is just what I need. The hotel has taken a very sensible approach with checking in guests amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and while health safety are prioritized, they have ensured the process is not as painful as I have found it at a few other ho…

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