Thursday Steak Feast at The Foundry - Southern Sun Hotel, Abu Dhabi

The Foundry has remained at the top or near the top as a steakhouse since opening around 4 years ago. In that time it has confounded some of the big steakhouses and rewritten the rules with regards to what makes a steakhouse a success here in the Capital. It recently launched its Thursday Steak Feast, erroneously being labelled by some diners as a Thursday Night brunch. Be that as it may, a Thursday at one of my favourite steakhouses in the city is not a bad way to spend the evening, so I tried it.

The latest trend in Abu Dhabi is the whole Thursday night brunch idea. Forget the ignominious title, but the idea is free flowing drinks with unlimited small portions of never ending dishes. It is along these lines that the Thursday Steak Feast operates. In the case of The Foundry, it is a fantastic menu offering tremendous value. 

I start off with an order of Freshly shucked oysters, the Wagyu beef carpaccio and Butternut squash soup. The starters give 5 options, and with them being unlimited, I feel obliged to try some of my favourites. Meanwhile, the signature Foundry butter trolley makes its way and I am served 6 different types of butter. I never tire of this and matched with deliciously crispy, warm bread, I have to exercise self-control in not finishing the bread - if you have not experienced the pleasure you will love the butter choices - smoked beef bacon, curry, black olive, sundried tomato, garlic and herb and spiced cajun and sundried tomato.

All three starters, in perfect tasting portions, vindicate my choices. The oysters, while small, are nicely shucked. The Beef carpaccio is full of subtle flavour and served as a classic Foundry carpaccio - abundant parmesan, rocket and olive oil; simple, as it should be. Finally, my favourite of the three is the Butternut squash. Smooth and creamy, it is full of that homeliness I associate with this ingredient. My mother would be proud. 

The service, as always, is attentive and relaxed with staff very down to earth and happy to engage. Something I find missing, though, is music to bring home the idea that it is Thursday night. I find the music too similar to a normal evening at The Foundry. I feel it needs to be taken up a notch - uptempo music, be it house beats or even club classics. Thursday nights should never be sedated affairs. 

However, it is the thought beef that has me salivating. Soon as the waiter comes around offering a  choice of steak knives, I am beside myself. I choose the now familiar rosewood handle - I am a creature of habit. Not long after, I am served tasting cuts of three steaks - Crossbred Tajima wagyu cube roll, USDA Angus flank and a South African steak, Karan tenderloin

On seeing the steaks presented - medium rare to my liking - the value for money aspect forces its way into my mind again. I have tried all three cuts before and vary from entry level to good and feel that this is a great tasting plate for steaks for the price. Needless to say, it is the Tajima wagyu that wins the night. Out of curiosity, though, I also have the Pan-seared Norwegian salmon - It is moist and juicy, allying my initial fears of ordering salmon because I am invariably disappointed - but not tonight. 

With a decent choice of wine - an Argentinian Malbec and a Shiraz, a South African Chenin Blanc and an Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc I can't help feeling that with the people watching their dirhams now more than ever in Abu Dhabi, an evening like is just the tonic. 

To end the night, I have a dessert compilation featuring some Foundry favourites - Raspberry sorbet, mousse, Passion fruit cheesecake and with an Arabic touch, Mahalabia. Portion sizes - perfect. 

Overall, I liked my Thursday Steak Feast. I loved that for a fraction of the price of a normal evening of dining at a  top steakhouse, I could have the best of its menu. All it needs is to change the music and atmosphere and make it a bit more festive or weekend-like and you have are sitting on a real winner. But as far as the menu and pricing goes, it is already a winner. 

The essentials

The Foundry,
Southern Sun Hotel,
Abu Dhabi 
+971 8184888

Soft drinks 199AED++
Choice of wines 299AED++

Disclaimer: I was invited by the hotel to try the Steak Feast.All views are my own.