Paul revisited

As a follow up to my previous visit to Paul I would like to write a  couple of sentences. The first visit can be found here:

After the underwhelming experience at Shakespeare Co, a few colleagues and I went to Paul. I am curious as to how this branch is doing (Bawabat Al Sharq Mall) because on every occasion I have visited it, there was a mere sprinkling of people.

Having been before and fallen in love with the place, they were quite excited after my glowing account. The service was again as expected - impeccable. Our waiter guided us through the menu as we zoned in our options.

This was to be  a salad and sandwich day as the pictures attest. There was an overwhelming feeling that Paul is a superb cafe. This was my 3rd at Paul and every time has been better than the first. I suggest that when you try Paul you stick to what they do best: bread and salads. While waiting for our orders we were treated to a selection of sample bread and beautiful olive oil.

What can I say that I haven't said before? You cannot go wrong with Paul. Interesting salads with unusual ingredients.

In this entry I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves. They certainly have a lot to say!