Lemongrass - Abu Dhabi malls

The streets of Bangkok are one of life's must experiences when it comes to food. I have had the good fortune of visiting Bangkok on a few occasions  and top of my list of things to do is always to indulge in its street fair. Incredibly, after 21 months in Abu Dhabi, I had not tried a Thai restaurant. That all changed though when I visited Lemongrass at Bawabat Al Sharq Mall. Ba wa what? Ok, it is in Bani Yas. Does that help? No, try google. I am cheating of course for the purpose of language choice in this blog. This was in fact my third visit to Lemongrass, having tried it in Mushriff Mall. Can't blame me for trying to create a dramatic opening to this entry!


The restaurant  boasts  a very warm atmosphere as it uses earthy colours in its decor. The window seats are quite well appointed and adds to a sense that you are in a beautiful restaurant. That illusion, though, was soon dashed as we were disturbed by some teenage boys noisily taking up some seats while munching on Macdonalds - they were there to take pictures. My sympathy to the staff at the restaurant; apparently this happens very often. This is unfortunate, so if you do come here, be mentally prepared to be disturbed by youths looking for attention.

The menu features Thai classics such as Tom Yam and Som Tam (green papaya salad), green curry, red curry and pad thai. We ordered the red curry and the pad pak (stir fried vegetables) which were both cooked perfectly. We also ordered  noodles with ginger chicken from the kids menu. The sticky and jasmin rice were both excellent, with the former being served in a lovely small basket-like container.

Lemongrass is a wonderful mall restaurant that would be comfortable in a hotel setting owing to its great menu, design, attentive service and surprisingly fair price. Notwithstanding the fact that we used a voucher that allowed us a discount of around Dhs 40, the bill amounted to Dhs 120 including drinks. Well worth visiting!