Hotel Stay at Four Seasons Hotel, Tianjin.

I recently visited The Four Seasons Hotel in TIanjin to try their Taste of Artistry Culinary journey. It was only appropriate that I should spend the night.


The hotel is very conveniently located. Arriving by subway, after my 34 minute bullet train ride from Beijing, it was a mere two minute walk once I had left the station. Walking in to the hotel, I was immediately intoxicated by Chinese culture. Bamboo is a typical piece of Chinese iconography as it represents so many aspects of Chinese life, whether it is its symbol of strength and ruggedness or aesthetic appeal in Chinese paintings and it forms an essential part of the hotel lobby. However, it is the finishing that made an impression on me. Steel bamboo and water lillies, the latter another recognizable cultural elements in China, dominate the lobby. 

My check in was handled smoothly by Elvis, a gentle and well spoken front desk agent. He fully understood the value of his role in the guest experience. A poor check in goes a long way to ruin a guest's stay. Thanks to him, all signs pointed to a good stay. 


The size is the first thing that grabs my attention as I walk in to my Deluxe Room at 48 SQM, this is incredibly generous  for what is in fact a standard room. Whites and a large window, virtually floor to ceiling, contribute to the sense of light in the room. Wood touches accentuate the sense of luxury, though. The white theme climaxes in the exquisite marble bathroom highlighted by his and her sinks and a decadent bath tub. Finally, a luxuriously comfortable chaise adjacent to the window makes it impossible not to choose one of the books on the bookshelves and simply read a few pages, basking in the growing Tianjin skyline. 


While my visit was of a culinary nature, I did have a bit of time to explore the property. The hotel boasts a L'Ocean Spa offering every treatments which appear to cater for most needs, while the Wellness area has all the trappings of a high end 5* hotel. The indoor swimming pool is quite magnificent offering stunning panoramic views of the city thanks to floor to ceiling windows. Finally, the lounge as you arrive at the Wellness Centre,  is a venue on its own. This is certainly something I will explore when time allows. 


One night certainly does the hotel no justice. For my stay, my focus was on Cielo, the venue for a Cooking Masterclass lead by Michelin credentialed Chef Bjoern Alexander  and theme dinner created by him and Four Seasons Tianjin's Executive Chef, Cyril Calmet, meaning no time to explore the other outlets. There are, amongst others, Jin for Cantonese and Tianjinese cuisine and Kawa, the hotel's Japanese restaurant. Both restaurants reflect the time and care that has gone into the elevated aesthetic appeal  of the rest of the hotel. 

For a full review of my Taste of Artistry dining experience in Cielo, have a read here: The Taste of Artistry

During stay I did have the chance to sit down with Chef Calmet and talk about the growth of the hotel's F&B outlets. It is a time that gives me a deeper understanding of the man who leads the culinary team at the hotel. He is strong on emotion and wears his heart on his sleeve. If it is a chef's role to provide an escape for guests for however they are in one hos restaurants, then that emotion with which is so abundantly endowed is essential but he is also pragmatic, as he talked about the challenges facing the industry in the city of Tianjin. Now, that is a great balance! 

Breakfast at Cielo

One of two Private dining rooms at Cielo
Breakfast with Executive Chef, Cyril Calmet


Over and above the luxury feel of the hotel, anyone who loves art will love the hotel. Paintings, prints and sculptures have been carefully chosen. In fact opn my next visit, I would like to visit every floor and enjoy the artwork. I think it could be interesting. But this is just a sideshow. The hotel is really warm for a 5 star hotel You know what I mean - the fancier hotels become, the colder they get. People are a big part of that warmth, from the doorman to the check-in staff all the way to the staff in housekeeping who work so hard and often go unnoticed. During my stay I must have called them ten times and each time they delivered. One appreciates the little things. After all, every big hotel prides itself in delivering the big things.


Four Seasons Hotel,
138 Chifeng Road,
Heping District,
+86 22 27 166688

Rates are seasonal

Subway:  Around 45 minutes From Tianjin South - Line 3 Yinkoudao

Brandon Stoltenkamp