The Spa at The Address - The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai

It is interesting how every spa claims to be an oasis of tranquility creating a  sea of calm, using all those clichés that marketers come up with to sell treatments. It took me 5 seconds to realise The Spa at The Address genuinely does all the above. It is not a marketing ploy. The 5 seconds it took me to walk past the wooden beams , lanterns and stone wall already created that sense of calm, or at least laid the foundation for it. 

I have been to spas where they have dabbled with changing the dominant colours in the spa away from earthy colours - there is a reason spas have earthy colours: they calm us down. The Spa at The Address, however,  uses earthy tones and  to good effect. The browns and light browns and in-betweens, from the entrance to the bathrooms and change rooms to the treatment rooms, keep that theme going so that the idea of repose and unwinding are never far from you. 

My treatment for today is the Quirogolf Massage, described by the hotel a treatment that uses golf balls  and 'soothes nerve pressure, relieves muscle tension and joint discomfort, improves flexibility and eliminates stress'. I have a choice of an 80 minute and 50-minute treatment and I opt for the latter. My therapist explains the treatment to me before starting. The idea of using golf balls intrigue me and soon after, the treatment is started. 

In hushed tones my therapist checks on the level of pressure and after a few minutes, I forget that balls are used to knead my body and release the stress. To help with the muscle pain I talked about earlier, he uses a Fitness gel from the Spa's signature range, NaturaBissé, a brand with its origins in Spain and approaching its 40th year as a spa product. 

By the end of my treatment, I need to double check with my therapist that he actually used the golf balls, so adept was he at using it that I had no discomfort whatsoever - a credit to his skill no doubt. When he has finished the treatment he tells me so but allows me a few minutes to get up and get grounded - a nice touch. He then guides me to the post-treatment relaxation room where he offers me a cup of tea - I opt for vanilla and  a snack of dried apricots and walnuts. Afterwards, I make sure to use the sauna and steam rooms, all conveniently situated and connected to the men's change room. 

Post-treatment relaxing room

The Spa at The Address proved to be a complete relaxation experience from the moment I walked in at 11.50am and left at 1.45 pm. Tranquility is a word that came into my mind in every part of my Quirogolf Massage, which I am sure is exactly what the spa sets out to do. Staff, from the reception area to my therapist, of course, are very well trained in their respective stations. As part of  a Summer Rejuvenation promotion, tranquility has become more affordable with massage treatments less 50%!

As I left the Spa at The Address, peaceful and with most muscles relaxed, I was already planning my next treatment in my head because it is not just a  massage - it is an experience! 

The Essentials
The Spa at The AddressThe Address Dubai Marina,
Dubai Marina
PO Box 329323Dubai
+971 4 436 7777
The Spa at The Address
Treatments start at 230AED while my treatment cost 500AED for 50 minutes.
Until 30/09 all massages less 50%.  
Brandon Stoltenkamp
Disclaimer: I am hotel and restaurant writer based in Abu Dhabi. I was at the hotel by invitation.