Havana Nights in the heart of Abu Dhabi - Asia de Cuba, Abu Dhabi

At a time when more and more people are becoming cautious with their spending, it is gratifying to know that there are outlets that still make it possible, thanks to promotions, to still experience what they are all about - Asia de Cuba, one of 5 essential restaurants in the city, offers Havana Nights to give guests the full Asia de Cuba vibe but at 50% off. I recently tried it.

The bar bites menu features signature Asia de Cuba style dishes, except they are in smaller portions. What I like about them, apart from the amazing prices, is that quite a few of them are carb loaded so if you missed dinner or are feeling ready for an evening of serious drinking, they will fill you up.

Make sure you order Beetpica tartare, a clever dish that plays on a taco concept, except the 'tacos' are crispy wontons. Nice spice blendswith the mild sweetness from the beetroot. I also highly recommend the Wagyu 'ropa vieja' spring rolls. These are quite substantial if you do indeed feel more hungry than peckish. They are really dense with wagyu and are surprisingly not chewy - a lovely twist on your traditional spring roll. Finally, the Sweet corn fritters are crispy and crunchy, sweet and sour at the same time, making for another top dish, and at 20AED after the discount, I am tempted to order another! 

While the Bar Bites are a delight, I also order something from the normal ceviche menu. The Tuna ceviche, with foie gras, orange and Asian pear, is one of the best ceviches I have had, considering my penchant for foie gras. Because the bar bites are discounted, I allow myself the indulgence of paying the normal price for a fine ceviche. 

On the drinks side, there are 14 cocktails from which to choose, and with prices starting at 50AED for a Havana sunset, a concoction of aged Caribbean rum, honey syrup and fresh lime, you can really appreciate the 50% discount offer. Of course, if you are like me and you love your bubbles, there is also an option to have Prosecco. Incidentally, I also have a Corniche Royal with champagne, gin, yuzu, vanilla and watermelon - want to know the best part? It is served in a  champagne coupe. It is such a  throwback to a different era. Nice touch. 

Music is, finally, an integral part of Asia de Cuba, so I cannot think of many better venues to sit around at midnight and tap my feet to Cuban sounds while enjoying their Havana Nights. With a generous closing time of 2am, weeknights are looking good in the capital.

The low down

Asia de Cuba
(on the corniche opposite St Regis, Abu Dhabi)
+971 2 699 3333

Havana Nights Menu
Saturday to Wednesday 21h00-02h00
50% off on selected wine, spirits, signature cocktails.

Thanks to the 50% discount, the bill for two was 300AED.

Brandon Stoltenkamp