Ramadan tastefully celebrated with special cupcakes - Bloomsburys, various UAE locations.

One of the joys of Ramadan is sitting together as a family and sharing a meal. Iftars are  a celebration of family and food. In that tradition, Bloomsburys has launched some wonderful Ramadan themed cupcakes to make iftars even more enjoyable. Of course, for those not part of the journey of Ramadan, they can enjoy these with a cup of tea!

With shopping malls open till late, going to one of the malls to have these cupcakes is ideal. However, we chose to have ours at home. 

The cupcakes recall local symbols by having the cupcakes designed to reflect these. The moon and star, a mosque, gold, Arabic coffee and pearls all make the cupcake more than just a cake. The symbolism adds something special to the ocassion. 

My daughter was quite excited to try them and had an exciting time chossing which one she could have, while her friends were also thrileld at this novel idea. Everyone loves cupcakes, so what betetr time than to have them during Ramadan. Make a child happy!

The lowdown

Al Wahda Mall, Mushriff Mall, Y Tower Building  and RAK Mall. 

Ramadan cupcakes 16AED each
Brandon Stoltenkamp