The Foundry - new menu launch - Southern Sun Hotel, Abu Dhabi

When you are the reigning Best Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi*, you know that it is a title that comes with tremendous pressure. After all, it is one three coveted awards in the city. With this in mind, it came as no surprise when The Foundry at Southern Sun Hotel launched its new menu amidst fanfare, becoming of the best steakhouse.

Southern Sun GM

The new menu features classic steakhouse dishes like beef tartar. They have gone with Angus. Also, the Wagyu beef carpaccio has a slight twist and offers a bit of theatre as salt from a salt menu is ground at your table.  

 A steakhouse is not complete without a foie gras dish, and the Pan seared foie gras on the new menu represents a bold dish. Peach ice cream and port wine foam do to foie gras what I have not seen in the city yet. It is a very exciting dish. Another equally appealing addition to the menu is Yasir caviar, the locally sourced caviar that is part of an exquisite presentation. 

The new men allowed Southern Sun Abu Dhabi GM, Pierre Delfau, to talk about the continued challenges that the restaurant faces, which s[peaks volumes of his humility because we all know how the restaurant has impressed since its debut two years ago. It was also an opportunity for Executive Chef Manish to introduce the new sous chef, Shaunne Cordier. 

Exec Chef Manish
Sous Chef Shaunne

On the Beef front, The Foundry continues to offer entry level steaks that make the steakhouse accessible to people in terms of price. South African Karan beef makes that possible. I am immensely pleased that my favourite, the John Stone remains on the menu because I believe grass fed beef offer something special in terms of taste and texture. Finally, the Tajima Wagyu should rival the Blackmore in terms of marbling and high priced options. 

Tajima wagyu
A choice of 5 desserts, including the very inviting Raspberry decadence and another dessert that pays homage to a fruit, the Tropical Passion, stand alongside my fave dessert on the night, the Tarte Tatin. I will review this fully soon. #

Of course, no steakhouse can call itself that without a good wine list. The new wine list has been culled cosniderable to reveal a slimmer wine list but one that is heavier in quality wines, althoughg prices remain affordable. The  additon to the wine list that had me waxing on and on is the Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2009. All in all, a more succinct list that marks a bit of a watershed for The Foundry as they finally take wine in the right direction.  

The new menu launch amounted to a huge statement on the part of The Foundry. Not content to rest on the sucess of the past, the menu lays down the challenge to other steakhouses. The menu has a balance between classic and forward looking dishes, while keeping an eye on theatrical elemenst like the butter trolley and salt menu. A key element it has maintained, is its emphasis on a value for money experience. If you have not tried the best steakhouse in the city, now is the time to make it coincide with the new menu.

# Expect a full review soon about the dishes.

The Foundry,
Southern Sun Hotel,
Abu Dhabi 
+971 2 8184888

*According to FACT, Timeout and What'sOn magazines

Brandon Stoltenkamp
Disclaimer: I was invited to The Foundry courtesy of the hotel.