A little lady turns 10 - Espoir Flower Boutique, Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi

When a special lady in your life turns 10, or Double Digits as she puts it, as a father you have to take note. It is an extra special birthday. And when she asks that her birthday gift should be an experience gift, you call the people close to you and ask them for their suggestion. That is exactly what happened to Mitsuki, the inspiration behind my blog, when she turned 10. And thanks to the wonderful planning of some dear people at Rosewood Hotel, she had part of her birth week celebration at the foremost florist in Abu Dhabi, Espoir Flower Boutique at Rosewood Hotel on Maryah Island. 

Since Mitsuki is half Japanese, the idea of a Flower arrangement class was perfect, as this is one aspect of Japanese culture that every young girl experiences. Stepping into the Boutique already set the tone. Oversized windows create a sense of space and make it very inviting. There is a sense of theatre as you walk pass the boutique and I am sure inspires people to at least take a peek. There is also a beautiful scent in the air, and the sight of all the balloons really create  a sense of occasion. 

Gary, Mitsuki's 'teacher' for the morning was perfect, as he showed her what to do while giving her enough room to express herself. 

After being guided by Gary with the first arrangement, Mitsuki does the second one all by herself, under Gary's watchful gaze. Watching my little lady's skillful hands maneuver that pair of scissors and create her own arrangement, fills me with a sense of humble pride - hard to believe she is already 10. 

When I look at the types of gifts kids are getting these days and the kinds of parties they are having, it fills me with a sense of relief that there are places like RosewoodHotel and Espoir Flower Boutique who think out of the box to create something extraordinary for a little child. Not everything is electronic or plastic. Some things are just about beauty, and I will always remember that when my girl turned 10, she experienced beauty that would touch that part of her that she is not yet able to understand fully, her soul. 

The Essentials

Espoir Flower Boutique
Rosewood Hotel, 
Abu Dhabi
Open: 8am-10pm
Brandon Stoltenkamp