A great address in Sharjah - Centro Hotel, Sharjah.

Followers of my blog will know that I try to be very honestly positive about experiences. They will also know that I am in no doubt that the best budget brand hotel in the country is Centro by Rotana. I was allowed to put this to the test recently when I visited Sharjah and stayed at the Centro. People forget how small the UAE is, and the drive to Sharjah, including a breakfast stop, was 2 hours. It is a straight drive, and even the directionally challenged like me managed alright!


Great location. It is not in the heart of the city, something I welcomed because living in Abu Dhabi, where I am always surrounded by lights and noise, has me yearning for a change sometimes. Centro is opposite the airport, but away from everything else. 


The first strength of this particular Centro is its staff. From our arrival, it was clear that they were warm and sincere, genuinely out to connect with guests. This would be a recurring motif on our stay. I like the Centro no-fuss concept which puts the guest in charge. Little trolleys are available which allow guests to take their luggage upstairs. I like this. I find it frustrating when I often have to wait for my bags while staff bring it up.

As we made our way to the lift, I could not help but look up at the atrium which allowed natural light to bathe the dining area. There are moments when I forgot it was a budget hotel. 

The Room

Our room is a one bedroom suite. A separate living room is a boon, affording us more space. Note there is a shower and not a bath, but this is part of the Centro concept that keeps costs down for guests. There is also a small kitchenette that comes in handy for slightly longer stays. 

One of the best aspects of the room for is the view of the airport's runway. And fear not about noise; you will not hear a sound because the windows are double the standard thickness! 


The hotel has one restaurant, c.taste, as is standard at present Centro properties, as well as a c.deli coffee shop.  In addition, there is a very well priced 24-hour dining option with, and that word again, great value for money options. I cannot understand how hotels can charge what they do for in-room dining.Your order here is simply served, again with no frills, but you get what you pay for. 

c.taste, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant, takes on a different complexion at night when the lighting is absolutely gorgeous, and on a  clear night, you can see the moonlight come through the sky roof. It is simply exquisite! 

The restaurant has theme nights, which will make longer stay guests happy, knowing they will not be bored with their dishes. On this occasion, though, it is the usual international buffet, with more than enough dishes to keep everyone satisfied. It is not a large buffet, which works for me because there is just too much wasting of food. 

Again the staff is a stand-out element. The Burmese-Filipino mix has a sense of pride in what they do, and sincerely and with a lot of heart, go about their job. 


While the hotel is well equipped on this front with a gym and sauna, on our visit, understandably, we spent a lot of time at the pool - daughters rule! The pool is  a nice size, unlike many pools I have seen at a budget hotel. In addition, there is also a jacuzzi. Again, it occurs to me how much the hotel offers its guests in terms of value. There are not many 4 star hotels who can boast what this Centro has!


I cannot imagine staying elsewhere in Sharjah. It is a city with a lot of old hotels, and Centro at around 4-5 years, is very young, making for a modern property. Having stayed in the city before, I must honestly say that with its gardens and walking space, Centro Sharjah is an obvious recommendation. value for money is a phrase I used often to describe this property, bit it is so true. But add to that the fact that it is quite pretty, and you will find a hotel that is not just functional but really enjoyable too!

The Essentials
Centro Sharjah

United Arab Emirates 
T: +971 6 508 8000 

Seasonal, but a random date search revealed:
Standard room from 239AED
One Bedroom Suite from 539AED

Brandon Stoltenkamp
inst: bmstoltenkamp
Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest of the hotel.