Spa treatment at So Spa - Sofitel on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi

More and more men in the UAE are starting to embrace pampering themselves in a way that has stereotypically been the woman's domain. It seems the 90's Men's Health popularising of the metrosexual male is finally taking off here. What better platform for me to embrace it myself than to visit a spa? In fairness, I have always enjoyed the invigorating experience that spas can be, but this would be my first visit to So Spa at Sofitel on the corniche in Abu Dhabi. 

The entrance is brighly lit with white and earthy colours combining to create a fairly clinical atmosphere that is immediately warmed when I am greeted by staff and offered a cup of ginger, honey and lemongrass tea, a balanced tea that immediately adds to the spa feeling.  Also, a peppermint scented moist towel provides relief after a surprisingly warm day. Yes, I am at the spa. As a first time visitor, I wait as the staff create my profile, before I am lead to the treatment room by my therapist, Sum Lee, from Thailand. 

After a brief visit to the change room, I am taken to one of 4 single treatment rooms. Note, there is also a couple's suite. Sum Lee talks about my treatment -a  Swedish massage - and checks on what is my preferred pressure. The tone is conversational and friendly but always professional. 

The treatment room is perfectly lit to create a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. My therapist offers me two oil fragrances, all from the Spa's signature  Cinq Mondes brand. From Aromatic shower and bath oil with orange blossom and their Eau Egyptian, I opt for the latter which blends lotus flower with cumin, rose, mint, frankincense, myrrh, mastic and Jasmine.

As I lie on the treatment bed, I revel in Egyptian cotton -  a wonderful cool feeling which contrasts with the warmth from the heated bed. Indulgence!

My therapist understands my need to relax and is able to talk when necessary, but leaves me to escape into the other world that her treatment creates. 

I find myself dropping in and out of sleep. It is all rather surreal. but I always see this as an indicator of a good spa treatment - are you so relaxed and comfortable that you can fall sleep? 

One of the big strengths is the size of the spa. With the number of treatment rooms and therapists it has (2 from Thailand 2 from Indonesia), the spa has an intimate feel to it, though it is by no means cluttered. On the contrary, it is spacious. Backed by a well-known spa brand in Cinq Mondes, So Spa is an ideal place for those seeking to be pampered. And with men starting to open up to this idea more and more, it is the perfect place to start. 

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