Friday Brunch at Centro Capital Centre, Abu Dhabi

Undoubtedly, Centro is my favourite 3 star brand in the country. As a hotel it offers everything you would realistically need while also offering a space that is clean, modern and of course, fabulous value for money. Gone are the heavy maroon curtains and dark brown furniture. In are the airy windows and tastefully colourful finishing. When I was invited to try their brunch (incidentally, it is one of two Centro brunches I will be featuring in the next month) I jumped at the opportunity. 

You can expect a sensible selection of dishes, something that pleases me because there is simply too much wasting that goes on at brunches. A cold station is the centre piece of the brunch, with desserts also included at the station. All your Arabic favourites are here. To the side are the warm dishes, which change every week, I understand. An interesting station is a live Egg station, something more brunches should offer. I saw a number of omelettes make their way to people's tables! 

Brunches are quite expensive in Abu Dhabi, with prices typically around 300 AED++ for  a house beverage package. To have a brunch that costs 205 AED net that includes a Prosecco and another sparkling wine, as well as dishes that offer more than enough variety is refreshing. Catering for a maximum of 140 people including the terrace, it is also a nice sized brunch. 

Live entertainment is different, with a gorgeous Belarussian duo churning out some classic 80s and 90s Euro tunes. Indeed,  a pleasant change from all the jazzy music one gets at brunches. Brunches should be lively. They certainly make it that way.

On the drinks side, the brunch offers to Lebanese red and white wine, as well as Prosecco and Australian sparkling wine. With Chilean and Argentinan wines the common choices at brunches, these Lebanese wines were a  wonderful surprise! For a brunch charging 205 AED net, this is excellent. I have been to brunches charging more than this and they do not offer any sparkling options. With champagne pushing brunch prices up to 500AED++, I think Prosecco for a brunch of this size and price is perfect, especially with Prosecco growing in popularity at the rate it is these days. 

In a brunch this size and one that is competing against so many other brunches in the city, your most valuable resource, people, becomes even more important. This is where the service comes in at Centro. My waiter for the day, Siseko, is the kind of waiter you want at a  brunch - easy going and confident, able to make an entrance and an exit without prompting. 

I choose not to use the word 'budget' to describe this brunch because I do not know many budget brunches offering so much value. Overall, a well priced, relaxed  Friday brunch, away from the pressures and priciness of a 5 star hotel. Brunch is an institution in Abu Dhabi, and places like Centro Capital Centre make them even more accessible now. 

The Essentials
Centro Capital Centre (near ADNEC)
Al Khaleej Al Arabi
Abu Dhabi.
+971 2 409 6666

Soft Drinks 145 AED net
Disclaimer: I consult at restaurants and hotels in an attempt to look at the entire product to take service levels to where they should be. I visited the brunch courtesy of the hotel.