Soirée Francaise at Entrecote Cafe de Paris - Abu Dhabi

Entrecote Cafe de Paris remains a beautiful enigma, tucked away in the Souk at Shangri-la in Abu Dhabi. There is an elegant charm about it that really sets it apart from competitors. Actually, with its unique concept, it has no real competition. You can read about my last visit here,, but on this occasion, I am here to try their Soirée Francaise, a Thursday and Friday night promotion. 

At the centre of the concept again this evening, is the signature 'Cafe de Paris' dijon and butter based sauce that accompanies the Faux Fillet Steak (entrecote). The variation comes with the steak that is offered - Usually, there is a choice of 3 cuts, but for the Thursday and Friday promotion, it is the New Zealand grass fed beef that is served. 

The evening kicks off with a Campari Soda at the intimate bar. Again, I think it a great idea of them to start the evening with a drink at the bar. At a time when we do everything very quickly, this allows one to linger and take in the ambience of this very different restaurant. 

We are then seated at our table and the waiter talks us through the evening and checks if we have any questions. Not long after we are served our signature salad. The use of dijon really gives it a bit of zip. It is a rich salad that is as abundant as it is fresh. So simple, but so tasty. 

To accompany my salad, I have the Sierra Grand Sauvignon Blanc, a Chilean wine. Not as fruity and aromatic as a New Zealand wine, nonetheless, it pairs nicely with the salad. It is one of four wines that guests can have. Quite a generous evening, I feel. My thoughts are interrupted as my attention is caught by a  steady flow of Emirati diners. There is a good eclectic mix of guests this evening. 

As we await the main course, we are offered two reds to try. I choose the 2012 Calvet Varietals Syrah, an easy drinking choice that is uncomplicated but fuller than the Chilean Merlot. It has a deep rich colour and a heavier a dark nose. 

Of course, I have written about the steak and sauce before, but somehow the second time around is better. Maybe it is the fact that I was not used to having my steak my sauce - my preferred way is to cut the beef, throw it briefly on the grill and serve. No seasoning. No Sauce. Knowing what was coming, I was able to enjoy the rich and indulgent sauce that the steak was bathed in. Cooked medium rare, it is simply delicious. 

Dessert, oh the dessert. My guest and I have the Chocolate fondant and the Profiteroles. Both desserts beautifully made. The fondant checked all the blocks - firm on the outside and just warm, moist and creamy on the inside. The profiteroles had just the right balance between chocolate, cream and almonds. 

The city has so many options on a Thursday and Friday night especially, but what makes Entrecote Cafe de Paris an excellent option is, as I wrote after my first visit, is its uniqueness. It is intimate, has an ambience that you will find only here thanks to its decor, homely service and of course, steak served with a sauce you will not find anywhere in the city. Its Thursday and Friday night promotion, to sweeten the experience even more, at 249AED is a steal. 

The Lowdown

Entrecote Café de Paris,
Souk Qaryat Al Beri,
02 5576508
(fully licensed)

Set menu 249 Net
(Includes unlimited wine and beer plus a dessert)

Brandon Stoltenkamp
Disclaimer: I consult at restaurants and hotels in an attempt to look at the entire product to take service levels to where they should be. I visited  Entrecote as a guest of the restaurant.