Classy business lunch at Rodeo Grill - Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Rodeo Grill recently launched a Business lunch. I applauded. I like the idea of being able to visit a swanky restaurant, and for a fraction of the price I would pay for dinner, I get to have a beautiful restaurant experience and quality dishes. Having tried their dinner a few months ago (full review here ), I was ready for the scaled down Rodeo Grill experience. Would it still be luxurious? Would the service be of the level I received at dinner time? 

After indulging in their business lunch, I found three things worth talking about. 

1. Time
One of the reasons people would avoid going for lunch in what is perceived as a high end restaurant is time. Because Rodeo Grill is a top steakhouse, people assume that it serves steaks that will take a while to prepare. However, from the moment your order is taken to the time you finish your meal, it should be no more than anywhere between 30-35 minutes - ideal for those hour-long lunch breaks.

The reason you can finish lunch in 30 minutes is the sequence of service is quite quick. You Caesar salad that is included is served soon after ordering your main course, then as you are about to finish the salad, the main is served. However, sometimes you may want lunch to last longer, and it can be altered accordingly. Good dining experiences include staff knowing what your needs are and delivering. So, you could let them know that you are not in a hurry and the meal service can be slowed down if a more leisurely afternoon is what you are looking for. The excellent waiting staff are aware of this, and have the presence of mind to meet your needs.

2. Compact, quality menu

The menu ensures that you do not wade through pages of options. There is a daily special and if you are not keen on the daily special, you can choose from 6 other options. On the day I was there, the Monday special was the Duck confit. Instead I chose Slow roasted 100% Angus brisket. My guests ordered the Rodeo steak sandwich and Steak frittes. At 95AED you will be hard challenged to find a lunch in the city to match this. 

Daily Specials
Sunday      Braised beef cheek with potato purée and madeira jus

Monday     Duck confit and lentil cassoulet, rocket salad and orange dressing

Tuesday     Lamb rump and mashed garlic, sautéed spinach and wild mushrooms

Wednesday  Josper grilled half baby chicken  with rosemary potatoes and broccolini

Thursday    Steak Frittes 

Angus brisket
Steak frittes
3. The dishes

The dishes are, how shall I put this, substantial. The dishes are cooked in that signature Rodeo Grill style, with attention to ingredients and presentation. Even a simple sandwich looks so good on the plate. My Slow roasted 100% Angus brisket was very good. The bread had a beautifully crispiness without being hard. The main event, the brisket, was cooked immaculately. It can be frustrating when you bite into  a sandwich and the meat does not break off because of muscle toughness, but not with my meal. That was a sign of how well it was cooked. Even more commendable when you consider it is brisket, a tougher cut of prime beef.  Add to this the fries, and you have a brilliant lunch.

Overall, the lunch at Rodeo Grill offers one that opportunity to experience this fine restaurant in an even more relaxed setting at a very affordable price. It makes  a mockery of the notion that we should just grab a quick sandwich in a mall to save time and money, because I found that Rodeo Grill gives everything you could need and more from a lunch time experience, and you would not have to endure a soulless mall to get it. 

The low down

Rodeo Grill,
Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi
02  697 9000

Lunch special incl Caesar salad 95AED
Burgers and sandwiches also incl Caesar salad 95AED