Saadiyat Beach Club Rebrand Party - Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

The outside entrance

Saadiyat Beach Club is like nothing else in the city. The palm tree lined driveway as you approach it already tells you that you're at a  special venue. This continues as you meet the staff who welcome you. For those who have been to the old Monte Carlo Beach Club and liked it need not fret - it has just been rebranded and some tweeks here and there have been made. Significantly, it is now managed by TDIC, the giant arm that oversees such visionary restaurants as Koi and BOA. I have tried both restaurants and have had first experience at how TDIC selects its staff. This is already evident tonight. 

The early invitees before the lawn area filled out. 
Quality NV Champagne
The setting is, of course, simply gorgeous. While it is dark and I cannot appreciate the view of the ocean, I take a walk to the beach area, passing the magnificent swimming pool. Tonight, though, the first part of the evening is set on the lawns. A Veuve Clicquot corner has been tastefully set up. I am pleased that one of the best NV Champagnes is associated with this evening. The club is, after all, associated with luxury. It is not long before staff start making the rounds with a  fine selection of canap├ęs.
Locally farmed caviar
The pumpkin and blue cheese quiche and the bruschetta courtesy of one of the restaurants, Cabana 9are magnificent. I follow this up with a visit to the oyster and caviar bar. The caviar intrigues. Locally farmed under the Yasa label, I am impressed. For me there is something poetic about the choice of Caviar. The club, now rebranded under a local name,  and the caviar locally farmed prove significant. - Saadiyat Beach Club seems to be a celebration of Abu Dhabi!
Part of the entertainment for the night. 
The entertainment was a key element to the night's success. Entertaining the select guest list for the early part of the evening was Alivia and the Elite Blues Band. This trio, resident band at Saadiyat Beach Club and perfomers at  Wednesday Blues Night at De La Costa, wowed. I have seen a number of perfomers at these types of evenings, but never have I come across a seasoned performer with such sensuality and soul here in the Capital. Memorable. 

Around 10pm the music takes another turn as tunes are spun by ROM1 (Nikki Beach St Tropez Official Resident DJ), maDJam, MR MR (Audio Tonic) and Simon B (Radio 1) to welcome the public. Lively, dynamic and bumping!

As the evening continued and I hopped into my ride for the night, I for one was pleased with the rebranding. I think as glamorous as the Monte Carlo Beach Club was, there is something real about Saadiyat - it is grounded in Abu Dhabi. It is a brand in its own right, and a brand that will grow. Already it is associated with fine hotels and of course will be the cultural heart not just of the UAE, but also the Middle East when The Sheikh Zayed Museum,  Louvre and Guggenheim open their doors. What Saadiyat Beach Club does is bring beauty, luxury and a youthful fun element to the island, with a local flavour. I respect a brand that keeps that connection to what is local, what is Abu Dhabi, and the relaunched Saadiyat Beach Club will be integral to the high life on the island.

The Essentials

Saadiyat Beach Club,
Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.
Featuring 3 restaurants
Annual and Monthly membership available
Day passes also available
+971 2 6563500

                                                Pictures thanks to Nokia Creative Studio on my Nokia 1520
Brandon Stoltenkamp