Bubbalicious brunch at Fairways - The Westin Abu Dhabi golf Resort & Spa.

It is almost two years to the day that I last attended the Bubbalicious brunch at The Westin. It is a highly decorated brunch and has been a  firm favourite in the city since its inception a few years ago. I fondly remember that brunch two years ago. On that occasion The Westin was celebrating its anniversary and at their brunch, the welcome drink was the glorious Louis Roederer 2006 Cristal Brut Rosé. Fond memories. It was with this background that I attended brunch again.

The Westin is a majestic hotel. I have written often about its natural and understated beauty, especially in the Abu Dhabi context where hotels that are grand and overly opulent have an immediate following. The Westin, in contrast, It bears repeating - the harmony that exists between the hotel and the earth. I feel it as I walk into the hotel. Those earthy tones cannot be missed. As I descend the stairs to Fairways, the restaurant that hosts Bubbalicious, I see the golf course through the large windows. Lush greenery. My attention, on this occasion though, is caught by the Moet Chandon Welcome Bar. In a  moment, I feel I am entering a luxurious brunch, accentuated by the chic crowd. I see a guest wearing a stylish pink jacket, custom fit jeans and loafers, as if he had just stepped off the runway at Men's fashion week. I am glad I am wearing a  blazer, I think to myself. It is that kind of brunch. 

Five talking Points

The restaurant
One of the most striking all-day dining restaurants. Tranquility is brought home by the earthy tones that run through the it. Flowing water adds to the feeling of peace. Nothing harsh in the decor. Windows bring a lot of natural light. Finally, light wood dominates. Again, a sense of calm ensures that you can really enjoy the brunch. 

One of the great success of the brunch is the varied seating options. Today the brunch is at maximum capacity, 350, but at no point do I feel it is a big brunch. I am seated in a slightly elevated space which accommodates around 25-30 guests. 

Outstanding stations and dishes
Seafood is exceptional. This is hardly surprising since the brunch showcases some of its Wednesday evening Claws dishes. Atlantic and Omani lobster, Fine de Claire oysters are the obvious go-to dishes, but there are many others that make the seafood area a must visit. The Seared Scallops is my favourite dish from the sea. Prepared live, it is served on a very delicately flavoured pea pureé. Tiny bits of dehydrated olives provide a bit of saltness to the dish. 

Also from one of the live stations, the foie gras is a winner. Served with very lightly caramelized apple, it continues my recent love affair with seared foie gras that is complemented by fruit or vegetables that are not overwhelmingly sweet. 

There is also an excellent cold cut station featuring a superb selection of cuts Bresaola, Fumada, Turkey salami, Pancetta, Chicken chorizo and Beef carne

Finally, the cheese station is really special. With about 35 different cheeses, not only is it one of the largest cheese stations in the city, but it is also offers tremendous quality. I forget the calories and my diet and adorn my plate with about 10 different types.  

A drinks menu is presented. I like this. I have mentioned in a  post elsewhere that this works because it tells the guest exactly what he/she is entitled to. I don't always want to have to engage staff to ask what is on offer. It needs to be written. A  range of cocktails including gin and tonic, tequila sunrise and strawberry diaquiries are available. In addition to spirits, there is a choice of three wines, including a Rosé. Finally, the Champagne served is Moet Chandon Imperial Brut - the ultimate classic. 

Live entertainment is provided by Bulgarian band, Compact Duo. Considering they arrived in Abu Dhabi 24 hours earlier, they do very well playing an eclectic range of music that reaches its high point with Nina Simone's 'My baby just cares for me'. The more unabashed guests even dance. Nice!

While many brunches encourage guests to visit their bars for post-brunch drinks, here it is different - the field becomes the after party. Perfect. Kids are able to run free while mums and dads continue their afternoon by enjoying very reasonably priced drinks. Unique!

The verdict
A big brunch that does not feel big. Fashionable and stylish guests make it a brunch you to which you want to wear a little extra perfume. A very interactive brunch, especially around the scallops and foie gras station. Also, the after- brunch get together on the lawns of the hotel gives the brunch an edge on many others in the city. Finally, the food is definitely a major factor in making this one of the top 3 brunches I have been to. Memorable. 

The low down

Bubbalicious Brunch
The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa
02 616 9999

Soft drinks 290Dhs++
Sparkling wine package 335Dhs++
Champagne package 505Dhs ++

                                                                      Pictures thanks to Nokia Creative Studio on my Nokia 1520
Brandon Stoltenkamp