teuscher, Chocolates of Switzerland - Abu Dhabi

There are not many people familiar with the teuscher brand of chocolate. Not many people are aware that it is one of the top chocolatiers in the world, founded on 70 years of tradition. The Zurich based company has over 100 varieties of chocolate and its arrival in Abu Dhabi marks a big moment for the chocolate scene. It is housed in Nation Galleria (attached to St. Regis Abu Dhabi on the corniche).

Elegant decor

One of the first things that dawned on me as I walked into the shop is how small it is - there are around 10 tables. It really gives teuscher a cafe feel, something that is definitely missing here where there seems to be an obsession for everything big. The cafe is intimate and cosy. The kind of place you would see in a classic French movie, apart from the fact that the decor is quite upmarket. Mirrors, colours of silver and gold, black and white are all used to good effect to create a very elegant cafe that is sophisticated but not gaudy.
Luxurious but stylish. 

On the menu you will find chocolate truffles, pralines and biscuits to mention a few items. What is a visit to a fine chocolatier without trying its hot chocolate? They have options of 55%, 88% and a signature hot chocolate with a secret percentage of cocoa. I choose the latter. I also try a few different chocolate treats. My signature hot chocolate is too sweet for me, but the richness is something I savour. I decide to try an 88% chocolate drink. That works for me. It is the chocolate without the guilt.One of the noteworthy aspects here is that the hot chocolate drinks cater for all tastes. Just say how sweet you like your drink and it will be made accordingly.

Hot chocolate
Triple Chocolate Cocoa
Selection of chocolates

treuscher is still evolving. Plans are afoot to add a limited savoury menu in touch with teuscher as a brand world wide. In the meantime, feast on your choice of hot chocolate, coffee and the signature truffle for Abu Dhabi, rose truffles. My weakness for chocolate just got bigger with the arrival of teuscher. Yum.

The Essentials
teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland
Nation Galleria
+971 2 6811108

                                                                               Pictures thanks to Nokia Creative Studio on my Nokia 1520

Brandon Stoltenkamp