The Lounge Breakfast - The Westin, Abu Dhabi.

"Breakfast. Who goes out for breakfast?" a friend asked when I told her our Saturday morning plan. The truth is I like The Westin's Lounge.  It is is beautifully appointed, with  a variety of seating options, including a terrace area, perfect for this time of year. No matter where you choose to sit indoors, floor to ceiling windows ensure that natural light is always there.

A hidden place of tranquil enjoyment. 

The casual dining menu is quite extensive, and breakfast has all the favourites. I opted for the SuperfoodsRx breakfast. No idea why it is called this. I didn't care. It looked pretty good:

SuperFoodsRx breakfast 70

Black orange renewal juice
Orange, blackcurrant, blackberry juice


All natural granola
Low fat yogurt and berries enhanced with flax seeds and almonds &
Scrambled egg, turkey and cheddar wrap
Rolled with avocado in soft tortilla with chipotle salsa
Westin blend coffee or Jing Tea

The scrambled egg wrap proved too big for us. But delicious. 

The healthy portion of the breakfast set.

The breakfast  set is fantastic, and I challenge readers to beat this at 70Dhs.  And of course, it comes with the usual Westin touch. Service here is generally outstanding, which begs the question: Why would you choose to have a breakfast in a mall when you can have this experience in a serene  and gorgeous environment where you can sit back and enjoy a selection of morning paper while your breakfast is prepared? Admittedly the service was a bit slow on the day I was there, but in fairness, our waitress was alone on duty. She did well.

Waffles, chocolate sauce and clotted cream. 

Coffee that hits the right note.

The highlight of my morning.

In addition to the breakfast, we also ordered blueberry pancakes and waffles. It is breakfast, so classics are the order of the day!

The Westin Lounge prides itself on its coffee, and for good reason. Rich, dark and an aroma that could have awakened Lazarus. By the way, at 16 Dhs you will not get a better cup of coffee anywhere. Of course it is included in the breakfast, but worth noting!

This was a spectacular breakfast. Healthy, tasty and indulgent - all at the same time. My favourite? That would be like asking mw what was my favourite breath of air, but if I am compelled, I will choose the pancakes. Fluffy and with a generous amount of blueberries.

For a different but most satisfying way to start off your Friday or Saturday morning, this is something you have to try.