Pearls & Caviar, Shangri-La, Abu Dhabi

Pearls. Caviar. Separately these two evoke opulence, indulgence, beauty and at times, excess. Together, they form the name of an Über cool and chic restaurant at Shangri-la. Yes, you have never seen it on your visits to the hotel. To get there you need a 3 minute buggy ride from the entrance of the hotel. Having been there twice, I wondered each time why they could not just create a pathway from the main building to the restaurant. First time diners kitted out in their finest but coolest , with their favourite Bvlgari perfume will be disappointed that they need a golf buggy to get there.

However, once you get to the restaurant, you can't help feeling you are stepping into a different world. The restaurant is situated on the bank of the canal and offers fantastic night time views. Outside seating views are unparalleled. Note though that there is also a second level, and while I did not try it, I can only imagine that the views there are even more scenic. The soft lighting adds to the cool and romantic factor. The dub step type music  makes you feel you are in a super trendy restaurant. However, the familar warm Shangri-la service will set everyone at ease.
The iconic entrance to Pearls & Caviar. 

Very romantic setting, notwithstanding the up-tempo music. 

As the name suggests, Pearsl & Caviar serves seafood. But if you absolutely must have something other than seafood then try the Angus beef or Australian lamb. However, that would be like going to Paris  for sailing instead of trying all  those spectacular museums. No, it has to be seafood. The starters look really amazing, and it was only my waiter's recommendation of main that took me away from the starters on the menu. He recommended I have the seafood platter. Being a small eater though, I was loathe to try this, but he offered me a 1/2 platter instead. Brilliant. Who would say no to a platter comprising Omani lobster, oyster, scallops, salmon and shrimp? Included was french fries. So, you can  see why a starter was not recommend. They also have Canadian lobster, by the way!

Perfectly shucked oysters, the mark of a good seafood restaurant. 

Perfectly sized 1/2 portion seafood platter.

Sauces to add that x factor taste to your seafood.

My waiter was refreshingly honest. I enjoyed his service. In a previous post I commented on the best service I had yet experienced in Abu Dhabi ( I guess it has been my lucky month because my waiter for the night had a lovely combination of knowledge and delivery. I would like to add to that he had a welcoming down to earth nature. It was great being able to talk to a waiter about wine without pretentious language. I wanted to try the South African Warwick Estate Sauvignon Blanc, but he recommended the Chablis, Domaine Laroche instead. I deferred to him on this and was not disappointed.
My shelled mini sea food platter.

The meal itself was stunning. With so many seafood varieties, you are bound to have an explosion of tastes and textures. The three accompanying sauces added to the sense of varied tastes. The tartar sauce did it for me though.

For dessert I had the Pearls & Caviar Chocolate pot with vanilla cream. The pot? Imagine a chocolate souffle without the puff. Rich and indulgent. I loved it.

The service at Pearls & Caviar is professional but soulful, two of my favourite words when it comes to restaurant service. The manager ensures that her guests feel welcome throughout the night. She has a dedicated team of eager but grounded waiters who do their utmost to give guests a memorable experience. Pearls & Caviar, winner of Timeout Abu Dhabi's Brunch  of the Year 2013, is a fine restaurant and one for that special occasion for the someone special in your life.

The low down
Appetisers  35-175 Dhs
Entrees 105-370 Dhs
Desserts 35 Dhs

Pearls & Caviar
Shangri-la, between the bridges
Abu Dhabi
02 5098777