Chocolate Gallery's heaven in a cup - Fairmont, Abu Dhabi.

You will be forgiven for thinking you have entered a different time dimension when you step into the Fairmont, Abu Dhabi. In a previous post I commented on the architectural dissonance that is the Fairmont, so I will not dwell on that here. However, you can refer to that entry:

Be that as it may,  I find it difficult to dismiss this hotel. The lobby is marvellously airy with a healthy amount of natural light. It was here that I came to Chocolate Gallery. This was brave considering a not so pleasant experience I had more than a year ago. You can read about it on tripadvisor.

I boldly ended my short review with this :  Lack of attention to detail. Lame attempts made to apologise. We left with our high tea virtually untouched. Will never return.

 Famous last words. Well, I am open to things changing over time. Furthermore, I was here for a drink. And what does the Chocolate Gallery do very well? Anything chocolatey! On arriving, I opted for a seat outside. Glorious weather in Abu Dhabi, so it made sense. I simply ordered their signature hot chocolate. Imagine thick hot chocolate with a layer of chocolate at the top that melts as you drink. This was a delight. It was even more delightful because it did not matter how many calories I was taking in. One has to live sometimes! Fantastic drink!

A disappointing aspect for remains the service. While the waiter for the day was friendly and easy going, I find the service not slick enough for such an establishment. This was manifested when I requested the bill. I used my Abu Dhabi City Card (highly recommended by the way,  as it gives discounts up to 20% at a number of fine places). This threw the service staff, but eventually, after 15 minutes, the bill was sorted out.

I look forward to my next visit I must say. I have now accepted that service here is not the reason you visit. It is named Chocolate Gallery, after all.