Burger time - Burger Fuel

You may remember a previous post on mall food and how I absolutely cannot stand eating in malls.  See http://mitsukiemma.blogspot.ae/2013/06/mall-food-in-abu-dhabi.html

However, I have been curious about finding the best burger in Abu Dhabi and this journey started when I visited Burger Fuel, a New Zealand-owned franchise that positions itself in the 'gourmet burger' category.

Having a 7 year old makes it imperative to eat well and guide your child onto the path of correct eating habits. It is in this context that we avoid cheaper burger chains where the emphasis is on profits and not quality of the product. In fact, when we lived in Shanghai, I used make our burgers and while it came without a toy, I was more satisfied about the way it was cooked.

Anyway, Burger Fuel offers burgers which are more at 2 and a half times the price of your regular burgers found in popular burger establishments. And, they do not sell meals. So with a burger at Dhs28 it promises much in terms of nutritional value. The beef used is 100% grain fed New Zealand beef and you feel you are having something real when you bite into it: succulent, meaty  and moist. I cannot believe that Macdonalds is allowed to sell the burgers it sells. You will feel something different  when you try a Burger Fuel burger. The vegetables are generous with crispy lettuce and chunky tomatoes chunky. The crunchy lettuce and onions brings home the freshness of the vegetables.

The service is fantastic, with none of those over zealous service staff trying to sell me everything they have behind the counter. And what's more, is they make all their bags from recycled paper, something I appreciate.

Burger fuel gets two thumbs up.