Life of an expat - many goodbyes

My daughter has been in Abu Dhabi just shy of two school years, and already she has had to say goodbye to two BFFs - Best friends Forever! As a parent it breaks your heart when you see your child having to say goodbye to another friend. End of the school year really brings bittersweetness!

We had occasion to say goodbye to a friend and her family. The setting was the home of two wonderful French expats we have had the pleasure of knowing - Eric and Isabelle. They are two people who epitomise hospitality. They are also two hosts who remind on of the beauty of the spirit of abundance.

Once formalities of saying farewell to Marina and her family, it was time for food. It was a homely but lavish spread that was as diverse as were the guests. The table had dishes from Morocco, Japan, France, Italy, South Africa and The Middle East.

Partings are an integral part of life. But so are arrivals. There is something very hopeful about a parting - there will be a new comer. So, while we were sad to say goodbye to Marina and her family. While my daughter was sad to say farewell to another friend, it also leaves opportunities ; a chance to meet some more amazing people and new BFFs.