Hulu by TRB in Sanlitun - Beijing.

I seldom venture out of hotels when it comes to enjoying food, drinks and good service. However, with the recent COVID-19 regulations that lead to many hotels closing, for example, their restaurants serving brunch, it was time to venture out of my safety zone, so to speak. This lead to me try Hulu by TRB, the latter a group that oversees some fine European offerings in the city. I made my way to the recently re-opened terrace at Hulu by TRB, located in the trendy restaurant and bar area of Sanlitun. 'Trendy' is the last kind of place I would visit but unusual times call for unusual actions!

Perfect for the outdoors

Beijing gets really hot in the Summer. This is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoors while sipping on a cocktail or a glass of bubbly. It is particularly a great option right now as people start to explore the city again. A nice touch is the availability of blankets for those who, like me, felt a bit chilly as my afternoon meandered into an evening and then the night. Note, however, indoor seating is also available. 


Hulu offers a Happy Hour from 3-8pm, meaning selected drinks, including Gin and Tonic, Negronis and wine go for 65RMB plus your free drink. It offers a decent selection of drinks, it must be noted and the G and Ts are especially recommended. Finally, I love that you are given a  voucher allowing to choose your free drink from a  list, unlike numerous places where your free drink is the same as the one you bought. However, even at 65RMB,  this regular price is great value too. 


While I did come to Hulu by TRB having had lunch already, I decided to try the Cold Cuts platter, generously priced at 98RMB. French bayonne ham, French cooked ham, Chorizo and Saucission were nicely laid out with some lovely accompaniments. The olives, I must say, were really fresh and flavoursome. However,  a deliciously fresh  surprise though was the complimentary appetiser I was served - Cucumber salmon mousse. The rest of the menu has many choices that come in at fabulous prices. Finally, I think on my next visit I will explore their tapas. I would say you should budget about 150RMB upwards, although if you had soup and a couple tapas, you could get away with 100RMB! (under $15)


I quite enjoyed interacting with some of the staff; warm and friendly. This place does get busy which means you will have to wait for service at times, probably the one weak link in my experience.  I simply got up on quite a few occasions and went to the bar myself. It is important when they do get busy that staff retain engagement of guests - one of the worst thing for a guest is when staff do not acknowledge him/her. So, eye contract or a nod during busy times make the difference in creating a great experience for the guest which ultimately leads to loyalty. 

On the other hand, I have to mention the social media team. I had no idea how to find the place but my messages were answered in no time, directions given and menus provided. I even made a booking through messaging them and getting confirmation.  People often forget that service starts before you even arrive at a  restaurant. 

There are not many out-of-hotel venues I go back to, but this is certainly one that I will visit again. Superb value, an exciting menu and drinks list backed up by excellent online service mean I will be back. As if these were not enough reasons, a great location both in proximity to the subway and a terrace option for your seating, make it an emphatic, 'Yes, i will return. '


Hulu by TRB
S4-32 TaikoLi nan District,
(the main restaurant street)
Sanlitun, Beijing
+86 15201696243

Closest Subway - Line 10 Tuanjiehu. Exit A. It is about a 7 minute walk. 

Brandon Stoltenkamp