Happy Hour at China Bar - Park Hyatt Hotel, Beijing

The Park Hyatt in Beijing has all that makes the Park Hyatt brand what it is - understated elegance for the discerning traveller who appreciated unobtrusive luxury. This I was able to glimpse as I made my way to the hotel's bar, China Bar. I arrived around 6pm, for its happy Hour that runs from 17h30-20h00 every day. That was just in time to watch the sun set. Incidentally, I was not allowed to use my Canon to take pictures inside, even though I explained, so I had to make do with my old iPhone SE. I found it odd - would a hotel not want higher quality pics on a blog?

The bar is perched on the 65th floor, giving stunning views of the city, especially as day turns into night. I started off with a glass of Chandon Brut, the Australian sparkling wine that is also locally produced - in Ningxia of all places.  The Chinese wine market  generally churns out red wines, so this marked a welcome surprise for me.  I must say, as a sparkling wine, it is not bad at all. At half the price of a glass of champagne, it takes bubbles to everyone. Also, the Happy hour 2 for 1 offer meant I had 4 glasses with my final bill, give and take, 200RMB. 

In terms of the drinks menu, It is quite a generous Happy Hour selection which includes about 5 reds and 5 whites, in addition to cocktails. There is also a selection of whisky; drinks start from around 70 RMB, ensuring this is a Happy Hour that gives you great value. 

One of the things I really appreciated on the night was the music. It is not a nightclub. It is a classy bar and teh music reflected that. While I was alone, I sat close to two couples who could have a normal conversation without having to raise their voices. Finally, seating options abound. Bar seating give views of the magnificent CITIC Plaza skyscraper but there is also more intimate lounge style seating for larger groups. 

Looking ahead, I would like to the bar service taken up a notch. Make it engaging. Add personality to it. Bar-tending is no longer just pouring drinks. It is about providing an experience for the guest. Anyone can pour a glass of wine but an artist provides an experience. This is the most natural way to upsell. Also, little things like using a coaster or a napkin when serving a drink really creates that feeling of luxe and in the gorgeous setting of China Bar, it will not be out of place. 

Overall, this could become my go-to Happy Hour venue in the city. It strikes a great balance between price and that offer of luxury. The pricing is such that one could pay 150RMB for 4 drinks and because it is the Park Hyatt, one will feel it was areal night out. In Yuting, the bar's Assistant Manager, the hotel has someone very passionate about wine and this knowledge and indeed passion will certainly filter down to staff. I am already looking forward to my next visit!


China Bar
Park Hyatt Hotel
2 Jianguomen Outer St
+86 10 8567 1234

Subway: Guomao
Happy Hour daily 17h30-20h00

Brandon Stoltenkamp

Disclaimer: I am a restaurant blogger, seeking to provide readers with unbiased views, one bite and sip at a  time.