New Business Lunch at Bu! - World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi

Bu! has just launched its new Business Lunch menu. The key to a successful business lunch menu is, apart from the flavours, a guest's ability to polish of a 2/3 course meal within an hour. Finally, price is very important and a business lunch should ideally costa round 100AED. Business lunches are there to attract people on their lunch break. It was this in mind that I was invited to sample the new business lunch menu at Bu! in the World Trade Centre Mall, Abu Dhabi. 

My approach to lunch was a more leisurely one as I am on vacation, but I am mindful of the time as I want to see how well this works as  a business lunch. 

The menu looks simple enough, presented as a single sheet with 7 possible courses, of which I have to choose either 2 or 3. But first, I start off with the restaurant's signature sparkling, Hola Cava Rosé. After all, I am not returning to the office!

I choose to go for 3 courses. To ensure that your lunch experience is completed within your one hour lunch break, if you are pressed for time, is to order two dishes that can be served at the same time. I do this with the Asada grilled beef with pickled onions soft tacos and the Aguate maki roll, with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado and teriyaki sauce. It means I have enough time to enjoy my main course later. 

For my main course, I have the Pescado al grill, a nicely cooked Barramundi that is lightly seasoned  allowing rosemary, red onion, avocado and garlic to add flavour. I am excited about this fish because it is not on many menus in the city and being able to have it as part of a lunch deal is even sweeter. I have it with a glass of Shelter Bay Sauvignon blanc, a very affordable by-the-glass option. 

One of two dishes enjoyed by my host,  Crocante salmon - a salad of salmon, baby corn, baby carrot and ginger sauce

My host's main course, the Camarones grillados - a red curry shrimp dish with rice noodles.
Overall, 99AED for a 2 course menu at a venu like Bu! or 3 courses at 119AED incl all the many taxes we now have. Significantly, you can be in and out of the restaurant within an hour - just don't have two glasses of wine like I did. The menu excites me because it allows guests who may never have tried Bu! to experience the restaurant at a fraction of dinner. 

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The Hub at World Trade Centre Mall,
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