Opening of a ground breaking hotel in Khalifa City - The Marriott Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi

I was recently invited to the Grand Opening of the Marriott Al Forsan in Khalifa City. It is an exciting time for the brand, with the Al Forsan property following soon on the heels of the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi that opened around 6 months ago. 

Of course, Al Forsan is famous for its sports activities, with an Equestrian centre immensely popular with locals and expats. It is, therefore, very clever bring a hotel to a brand like Al Forsan and marrying the two, so to speak. I was excited at the launch because I felt this could be the first property where there is a genuine mix of locals and expats and could well offer the best blend of business and leisure facilities in the city. 

I have focused more on pictures in this blog. I was just too absorbed by the activities of the opening. It was really a party that brought to the fore entertainment and an indication of what I think will be a strong F&B contribution to the city. 

Expect a fuller review of the hotel in coming weeks. For now, enjoy some images. 

The Lobby

An expansive check in area where space is celebrated.
In an area dominated by villa style accommodation, this glass facedMarriott is bold and adventurous.

One of more than  400 rooms in the property - it is massive. 

The celebrations were slick, well attended and genuinely festive. 

The hotel's all-day dining restaurant is gorgeous with a lot of light and creative seating options.

The kids' play area adjacent to the swimming pool.

The hotel boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool in addition to family pools.


Marriott Hotel Al Forsan,
Khalifa City A,
Abu Dhabi
+971 2 201 4000



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