Friday Brunch at Nahaam - Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

Nahaam has built a reputation as a very popular brunch. It had been a while since I tried it and I was, it goes without saying, curious to see how it had changed since I last tried it. Housed in the opulent Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, I made sure I sprinkled on a little extra of my favourite cologne - it is Jumeirah, after all. 

Some talking points

1. All about quality

From the Atlantic lobster to the choice of champagne, from the yellowfin tuna sashimi and sushi to the dessert wines, there is a quality feel to the Nahaam brunch. You would not say it as you first walk in, but the brunch is actually quite small in terms of people. I think it caters to around 150 people, which places it nicely between the big and more intimate brunches. On my visit, they had a Hawaiin theme featuring some  Hawaiin dishes. The idea of theme brunches is quite new to the city, with one other hotel a big exponent of this concept. Finally, do not forget that the hotel boasts some of the cities best restaurants, so seeing their dishes served at the brunch gives you a glimpse into why we should visit them. 

Dishes and stations

The standout station for me was definitely the Pork Room - unique in the city. For someone like me who is obsessed with finding that special feature at a brunch, this hits the mark. While in the past there was a suckling pig outside, I think the idea of a pork room, in the environment we are, makes more sense. It also allows chefs to get creative and offer diversity. Here you will find more, much more than the usual crispy belly. If you indulge, this is a must visit, Another obvious must-try is the sushi and sashimi station, underpinned by a magnificent yellowfin tuna that is sliced live. With Tori no Su quickly becoming my favourite Japanese restaurant, you will appreciate this offering that represents the said restaurant. 

The Pork Room
Another dish I enjoyed immensely was the ceviche, checking all the boxes but adding an often not seen ingredient, pomegranate for a hint of sour. Nice! Make sure you also try the tuna tartar. 

Finally, I also liked the dedicated Kids station that offers quite a nice selection. Look no further than the beef sliders, perfectly sized. There are enough dishes here to keep the kids happy, but look out for those jumbo sized hotdogs - rather odd considering all the other dishes are so perfectly suited for kids in terms of size. 


Nahaam boasts a drinks selection that means it offers, along with one other brunch in the city, the best brunch drinks.  As far as champagne goes, it cannot be beaten as it is the only brunch offering not only two champagnes, but also the only brunch offering a rosé - between the Veuve Cliquot NV Brut and the Rosé there should be no complaints! In addition, it offers a great wine selection, cocktails, dessert wines and the widest choice of sake at any brunch. Impressive! 

Overall, the Nahaam Friday Brunch offers a blend of sophistication and quality that is hard to fault. Oddly, I would say that they probably have too much food on offer, but that is a nice problem to have. Nonetheless, in the spirit of sustainability, it can be looked at. It is really is quite a spread, so I suggest taking ten minutes to survey the entire brunch before settling into your favourites. On another note, the brunch felt more spacious than on my last visit. It was clear that they had removed some tables. Finally, with the city awash with 2 for 1 offers, it was nice to be at a brunch and see, in this climate, people willing to pay full price for a brunch - it says alot.

Nahaam Friday Brunch,
Jumeirah at Etihad Towers
Abu Dhabi
+971 2 81115666
Nahaam Brunch


Date:  Every Friday, 12:30 - 15:30
AED 285++  Soft Drinks
AED 385++  Hops and Grapes
AED 495++  French Bubbly
Disclaimer: I was invited to try the brunch by the hotel and share my impressions. All views are my own.