Dining in the Dark at Circo - Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Circo, Abu Dhabi's favourite Italian restaurant, recently hosted an evening that sold out the restaurant. It was such a pleasure walking into a restaurant that is sold out, something quite rare in Abu Dhabi - and I am not including brunch here. I am referring to their much publicised Dine in the Dark, an event that was sold out  a week before the dinner.
In the run-up to the dinner. F&B Director Danny Kattar put the staff through extra training. Pic courtesy of Intercontinental. 
Briefly, the concept involves the guests wearing a  blindfold while staff serve dishes in low light. They added a fun element by having guests guess what they are having with the promise of a few prizes at the end. Did I say fun? Oh double that. I found myself eating with my fingers, trying to discern what I was having. I have often heard it said that when you eat with your hands , you really are engaging the last sense , making for  a full dining experience. Try it. You will understand what I am talking about. Finally, dining in the dark really heightens your sense of taste. 

Pic courtesy of Intercontinental Hotel. 
Now, I have no pics of the dishes. A first - I don't know when last I had dinner without taking pics. In the end, it was not about the dishes. Similarly, the wine we had did not matter. It was a night to marvel at something exciting that has come to Abu Dhabi. I appreciate the creativity that goes into making an evening like this, where 100 people leave saying they cannot wait for the next Dine in the Dark event. Why? because a team was willing and allowed to think out of the box. One looks at the operational issues in which waiting staff brilliantly served guests in low light -  a remarkable success considering this was a new experience for them.

The Intercontinental Hotel has shown again why it is the city's top dining destination. In bringing this concept to people in Abu Dhabi, they have given us something different, something unique, where dinner is so much more than ingredients. When you can't see the dishes you are having, in complete darkness, and you are still having a wonderful evening, it says a lot about your host, doesn't it? 

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Disclaimer: I dined in the dark by invitation.  My views are my own.