Understated luxury Hotel stay - Grosvenor House, Dubai

There is something to be said for understated luxury in a  time where there is a fascination with the biggest, brightest, tallest and even most expensive. Grosvenor House, as evidenced by its nondescript exterior, is about going beneath the surface and showing luxury in an unobtrusive way almost. I look around and survey the guests checking in - it is a sense of knowing, I think to myself. Notwithstanding the glorious Swarovski crystal and magnificent flower arrangement in the lobby, the hotel's understated nature is maintained throughout. 

My daughter and I arrived earlier than our stipulated check-in time. As a courtesy, we were shown to the hotels' tea house, aptly named Leaves, where we were treated to tea and some sweet treats. A very nice touch, and a wonderful introduction to the hotel's customer service. The outdoor terrace and the lobby before that also gave me an insight to the typical clientele at the hotel. Immediately I sensed a very Britishness to the hotel, beyond its name. 

The Room

Soon as our room was ready we were guided upstairs. We were put in a  two bedroom suite with views of the Marina - a city boy's ideal view! A curved oversized window in the main bedroom  has the best views. Beiges, browns and variations thereof and wooden floors made a warm impression, and certainly reinforced that feeling of being. The room is spacious, with ample closet space, making this ideal for a week-long stay. The kitchen is fully functional, emphasizing how ideal this room is for longer stays. Finally, we made euse of the free butler service and found this efficient and easy to use!


Aplenty! We spent most of our time in the pool, overlooked by our room. On-duty staff were attentive and to my satisfaction, lifeguards were vigilant throughout. Although my daughter is a good swimmer, it bothers me when lifeguards do not do what they are supposed to do. No such worries here. Finally, complimentary water and fruit helped make the moderate heat even much more bearable. On our next visit, we will be sure to take advantage of the free access to the pool and beach facilities at Grosvenor House's sister hotel, Le Royal Meriden Beach Resort & Spa. 


Ideal. The hotel is within walking distance of the exciting shopping and dining destination, JBR The Walk. The Dubai Marina is the heart of this part of Dubai with al fresco dining the envy of most of the emirate. All of this is again within walking distance of the hotel. Finally, the airport is a leisurely 30-minute drive from the airport, basically along the Sheikh Zayed Road.


Because it was just a one night stay, I could not try the truly rich selection of F&B options at the hotel, but happily I had dinner at the highly acclaimed Buddha Bar. This Asian-inspired restaurant where Eastern philosophy, carefully chosen music and Asian dishes come together in the most imaginative way possible, is something to experience. It warrants a separate post! You can read about it here: http://bit.ly/1Ujqj1K

Next morning, we had breakfast at Sloanes, easily the best breakfast experience I have had in the UAE. Incidentally, I have been here just short of 5 years.  It is quite intimate and does not have the intimidating feel of a typical all-day dining restaurant. Staff are incredibly well spoken, groomed and carry themselves in a manner which places them a cut above the rest of most staff I have encountered in comparable restaurants around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Sloanes boasts one of the nicest Special dietary corners I have seen. They actually make having a special diet fun. I saw  dishes like flourless bread, eggless dessert and flourless fudge cake.  For those with no special requirements,  there were some memorable dishes like Croque madame, marble and coffee cakes and some fine sushi. My personal favourite on the day, though? Eggs benedict

This is how breakfast should be. Laid back and stress-free, not wrestling with someone for the last piece of fruit in an oversized buffet. Of course, the latter is very the lifeblood of a hotel and many people enjoy large buffets. Then, for those who prefer something more quiet with more personalised attention, Sloanes is perfect. 

Grosvenor House is superb hotel with high standards of luxury that is not gaudy or uncomfortable. Staff are professional and well trained and you are unlikely to encounter obsequious service. It is family friendly while also ensuring that millennials will love the high levels of service. 

I for one loved the British feel to the hotel, making me feel I could have been in London or Hong Kong. Finally, it boasts an excellent selection F&B offerings, making it worth visiting just for that.

The Essentials
Grosvenor House
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Hotel rates are seasonal. 
A booking for 18 March started at 1100AED per night in a standard room.

Disclaimer: I consult at restaurants and hotels in an attempt to look at the entire product to take service levels to where they should be. I visited Grosvenor House courtesy of the hotel.