BOA's meaty Friday brunch - BOA Seakhouse, Abu Dhabi

There are not many brunches in the city that can be labelled as sophisticated and classy. Neither are there many that combine elegant, classy as well as relaxed. BOA Steakhouse, one of the latest restaurants to join the brunching scene in Abu Dhabi. Two elements made a very big impression on me on my visit. 

I rate the staff very highly at BOA. It is one of maybe three  restaurants in the city that seems to have the balance right among its staff as it offers a guest staff who are elegant, knowledgeable and engaging at the same time. From the hostesses to the waiting staff, all backed up by a powerful management presence, you can expect a staff to take the brunching experience to another level, quite different for Abu Dhabi. 


The sophistication of the brunch is tied to its concept of a set menu, with dishes served at the table. So, there is no standing in line for food or trying dishes that lack the freshness of those served a la carte. The brunch is a substantial one with abundance at the table visible. There are 4 courses, as well as a series of side dishes. A sharing cold platter , highlighted by Tuna tartare,  a Burrata cheese salad and Pepper crusted beef carpaccio are the obvious dishes that wow. However, it is the seemingly simple Table side Classic Caesar, with its attention to ingredients and of course theatrical element, that really stands out. 

This is followed by hot appetisers, with the Goat Cheese baklava, well known to regulars as it appears on the standard BOA menu, something to look forward to when you visit. The pastry is simply divine. 

BOA is a steakhouse, but up to the point that the main options are given, you would be forgiven for not knowing that. This is a credit to the restaurant for creating a menu which up to this point is varied and has something for everyone. The mains are full size courses, with the Australian Black Angus New York strip, for example, coming in at 280g. A choice of 6 main courses comprising 4 fine beef cuts, French corn fed chicken breast and for fish lovers, a Norwegian salmon fillet. The main course pin points just how this is also a brunch that offers of the best value you will find at a  brunch when you factor in the cost of beef in the city. It is cooked to order at your desired temperature. Very nice indeed!


A very impressive brunch that will appeal to sophisticates. Don't get me wrong, it is a relaxed brunch, but I rate the fact that it offers something different to most brunches in the city. There are simply too many brunches that morph into one another, so this is one that brings something refreshing. Rightly I placed it in my  top brunches in Abu Dhabi review I did in a recent article for Foodiva. Actually, were it an article based on the top 5 brunches in the city, it would be there too!

The Essentials

BOA Steakhouse,
Eastern Mangroves Promenade

+971 2 641 1500
295 AED++ Soft drinks

395 AED++  Wine
495 AED++ Taittinger Champgane 

Brandon Stoltenkamp