Amerigos for Mexican - Park Inn, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

As someone who tends to dine out on a Monday and Tuesday, I have had my fair share of empty restaurants or evenings where there was a  mere sprinkling of diners. However, as I walk in to Amerigos, the Mexican restaurant at Park Inn by Radisson on Yas Island, I have to check again that it is a Tuesday; at 7.30pm it is already quite busy, a good omen for an enjoyable evening.

Three talking points


Amerigos is super casual, making for a relaxed and laid back environment. It has a bar area that lays the foundation for an ideal evening for some drinks with friends. A large TV screen also serves to please sports nuts who wish to have a drink while watching their favourite teams in action. However, it is primarily a restaurant serving up Mexican dishes. The dining area lends itself to serving families as well as  groups of friends. Finally,the terrace is arguably the place to be, and in the cooler months I can think of few places that will offer the picturesque views on Yas island that Amerigos will offer. 


It it offers a comprehensive Mexican menu, and for my starer I have the Ceviche Duo - tuna and scallops. The tuna is full of texture as the live onion and pineapple pieces brings varying levels of crunch. Coriander and pineapple add two different dimensions to the dish. That sweetness from the pineapple is really quite nice. As for the scallops, it has a delicious tartness to it. Pieces of avocado balance the dish perfectly. 

I also try the Tacos, of course.  I like the three-on-a-plate presentation. As for taste, the tenderloin is cooked to perfection. Coriander and onion pieces bring most of the flavour to the dish. Thankfully, Chef has not overpowered the tenderloin with many spices. All in all, a very good interpretation of tacos. 

Even though it is Ramadan, the restaurant is not short of atmosphere and ambience. I definitely want to visit it again after Ramadan to have the full experience. 

For my main course I have the Prawns. The key is that they are not overdone. They have retained their own moisture. The prawns are coated in a  lightly spicy sauce, again not  overwhelming the prawns. As is the case with all the dishes, the portion is generous, emphasising the value for money aspect of Amerigos. 


A highlight. Under the leadership of a very charismatic Cuban manager, Amerigos' service is congruent with the feel of the restaurant. From the hostess to the waiting staff to the resident mixologist, the service is uncomplicated and engaging. 

To sum up, Amerigos is the kind of place I would like to go to with a couple friends after work for drinks leading to dinner. At the same time it is also a venue I would enjoy going to with my family. I think Amerigos strikes a nice balance between the two. Moreover, with a non smoking section, it really works for parents with kids. Finally, it is an evening of enjoyment that will hardly break the bank as the menu is very well priced. 

The Essentials

Park Inn, 
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
+971 656 2222

Brandon Stoltenkamp

Disclaimer: I consult at restaurants and hotels in an attempt to look at the entire product to take service levels to where they should be. I visited Amerigos courtesy of the hotel