Namm Spa - Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi

On a recent stay at Dusit Thani, I indulged in one of the spa treatments at Namm Spa. The moment you walk in, the name of the spa is brought home to you: namm, Thai for water, is evidenced in the soft blue and white colour scheme. Water, with its ability to heal, is an appropriate name for a spa as it is one of the essential elements in life.

I am greeted with a wet towel and glass warm ginger tea. Potent and cleansing. I look at the spa menu and choose Thai Harmony massage. After formalities of filling in forms are out of the way, my Thai therapist leads me to the treatment room. As I am guided to the room, I feel an overwhelming sense of clam - it is quiet and tranquil. On my way, I glance in at one of the other treatment rooms.  A milk bath immediately catches my eye - next time, I reflect to myself.

Milk bath

My room
In my room, the low lighting and ambient music continue the sense of serenity I had earlier. The room is minimalist and with earthy colours dominating, there are few distractions. I am shown a cupboard and my Thai pyjamas for the massage.

My massage, without oil, is strong, really perfect for heavy muscle fatigue and tension. My therapist, throughout, is sensitive to my reaction to her hand movement, and is able to modify  the pressure accordingly. On more than a couple of occasions, I find myself dosing off. While Thai massages are quite vigorous, the fact that I find it so easy to fall asleep says a lot about the skill of my  therapist.

90 minutes later my session ends. Fears I had that the more strenuous Thai massage would be too much for me are not realised. On the contrary. I feel relaxed with loose shoulders, but I know that the ultimate test will be the next morning when I wake up.

The next morning, I feel absolutely fine. No soreness.

A wonderful spa experience and  a pleasure to have interacted with an exceptional team of therapists. Warm and personable, well trained and skilful. A genuine Thai experience!

The lowdown

Namm Spa,

Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi
02 698 8888