The Entertainer Middle East Mobile App - Indispensable

January has passed and already the Entertainer Mobile App is proving a shrewd choice. I have used the Entertainer Book for two successive years, and it turned out to be a great purchase. It saved me a bundle over the two years I used it. However, I found certain drawbacks, the main one being it did not allow for spontaneous lunches and dinners. The end result was I always had to carry it. Quite cumbersome.

Then, last year, I downloaded the mobile app but did not use it. I feared I would turn up at a  restaurant, order my 2 for 1 main courses only to find that the restaurant was not familiar with the app. But this year, knowing restaurants have had sufficient time to train all staff, I decided to go for it and trust the training gods at restaurants!

The free main course on a  recent visit to The Westin in Abu Dhabi. 
A colleague and I decided to go to The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa to have something casual and light in the Lobby Lounge. Having been their often, I was thrilled to see it was part of The Entertainer again. We both ordered toasted chicken sandwiches, which meant that one of them would be free. When it was time settle the bill, I could see how straightforward the process to use the app was.
  • I opened the app
  • Went to the applicable offer
  • Hit Redeem
  • Entered my PIN code
  • The waiter entered the restaurant's code
  • Voila. A discount.
Foie gras at Meat Co in The Souk. Also available with offers until December 2015. 
On another occasion, we were on our way to Dubai and stopped at ADNOC. My daughter wanted a hot chocolate. I wanted coffee. I scrolled through the Entertainer Offers on my phone. Tim Horton's. Bingo. Paid for the Hot Chocolate and got the coffee free. This has been my experience at a number of outlets. So simple, and saves money!
 Choice cut at Novotel Al Bustan - 2 for 1 offers good until December 2015
The Entertainer boasts an impressive selection of restaurants with 2 for 1 offers. If it is steak you love, you will be spoilt for choice. Restaurants with offers include Timeout's Steakhouse of the year 55&5th. If it is French flair and romance you want, there is multiple award winner  Bord Eau at Shangri-la. Maybe the kids would like pizza. Look no further than the 2 for 1 offer at Pizza di Rocco. Way too numerous to mention. trust me, there are a lot! Over 750 buy one get one free offers for dining and leisure in Abu Dhabi *
Sofra Bld, Shangri-la. Included in the Entertainer 2 for 1 offers. My daughter, in awe of a teppanyaki performance. 
The exquisite Sontaya at St. Regis on Saadiyat featured in January's 2 for 1 offers. 

The Entertainer app offers something for absolutely everyone, from fine dining to ultra cool bars, from mall food to cafés. I cannot recommend it highly enough. A tip though - make sure you have mobile internet or can at least use the wi-fi at the restaurant where you will be using the app. The rest is so simple. 

The only question is: When do you get yours? You still have 11 months left to enjoy it. 

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* From their website

Brandon Stoltenkamp