Italian Nights at Privé - Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi

Ubiquitous theme nights dominate the daily landscape of hotel restaurants in the city. You've seen it all: all-day dining restaurants creating themes to entice guests. While a few theme nights in the city are worth attending because they offer something unique, the rest are generally all fairly similar - large crowds trying to get as much food on their plates as possible! However, the Italian night at Hyatt Gapital Gate's Privé falls into that small category of theme nights that I would visit again and again. 

Spacious but cosy.
It is a year since the Italian night was launched, and having been to that first night, I wanted to see how it had changed, or stayed the same. My first post can be read here: As I did then, I maintain that Privé is a very nice venue. It is intimate and warm, and because it is basically a bar/lounge, the setting is stylish. It would have been easy for management to add more tables, but they have resisted. It is about an experience, not maximizing profits. 

It felt like stepping into a comfort zone, with no noticeable changes to that evening. The red and white table cloths really set the tone for the evening, as did Jovanotti whose music  I could hear as I sat down. 

The buffet area is small, but perfect. I can never understand why people need so much food anyway. Serve fewer quality dishes rather than many dishes which would not make it on to an a la carte menu. I like the emphasis on quality here.

Pastas, pizza and a range of anti pasti were on display. Highlights included some stuffed peppadews and two kinds of bruscetta. However, it was the choice of wines that really maid this evening stand out. A choice of 5 or 6 red and whites, as well as their house Prosecco, went a long way to making this a unique theme night in the city. At 150Dhs I can guarantee that you are unlikely to find this anywhere in Abu Dhabi. 

For a theme night in an elegant but comfortable setting, surrounded by about only 40 other guests in a smoke-free space,  there are few other options. A firm favourite of mine.

Prive Italian Nights.
Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, 

Mondays 6pm - 10pm
Price 150 Dhs net
02 569 1420

                                               Pictures thanks to Nokia Creative Studio on my Nokia 1520

Brandon Stoltenkamp