TexMex Al Wahda All Day Dining - Grand Millenium Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi

'TexMex. That sounds like fast food', was the comment a friend made when I told her I was going for TexMex that night. Not having tried it before, I was quite excited. I did not really know what to expect, despite the fact that I googled the food type before: briefly, it is a regional cuisine that combines the influence of American and Mexican food.

The first thing that caught my attention as I walked into the restaurant was the effort the staff made to create a an ambience fitting of the cuisine on offer. Waiters wore colorful ponchos and waitresses looked like 'cowgals'. Nice, I thought. There is a wagon-like structure that also creates a mid-West atmosphere. The decor is really fitting.

Stuffed tomatoes.

Spicy cold calamari salad.
 The Mexican theme runs through many of the dishes, with the salads having that spicy touch too. There were some stand-out dishes: the guacamole was really fresh, made in front of you. The gazpacho was flavourful, served at just the right temperature. I also enjoyed the fajitas and tortillas, standard Mexican fair. The tomato and onion mix was really crunchy and tasty.

Classic Mexican Chilli Con Carne
Fabulous salsa selection. 
Fajitas with delicious Guacamole
I found the service to be a bit flat with a very low level of excitement created by the staff. I think staff are critical for creating a vibe: the pace at which they walk, the animation in their voices when they interact with guests and the small talk they make when appropriate. If this were added to the displays and food created, it could be an all-round superb experience.
A very reliable house wine.
Rustic ambience. 
To sum up, with a bit of tweaking, TexMex night can be a wonderful theme night. The food was good and the decor reflected the hard work of staff, but something was lacking in the atmosphere. This was down to the service. Engage, engage, engage. You should try it out though. There are few high end Mexican options in the city, and foodwise, this place is spot on! This is not fast food at all. So check it out.

The low down

TexMex Al Wahda All day Dining
Grand Millenium Al Wahda,
Abu Dhabi
02 443 9999
145 Dhs++ buffet, excl drinks