Sake Tasting at SushiSan - Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi

With wine dinners the domain of restaurants, there is very little place for one of Japan's many great contributions to the world - Sake. That is until now. While a few Japanese restaurants have have had the odd sake tasting or dinner, it has very much been a once-off affair. Thankfully, thanks to SushiSan and African & Eastern, that is changing. 

I attended the first sake tasting evening, hosted by SushiSan and African & Eastern's Tom Hickman. It was a very casual affair, and while not many present were familiar with sake, Tom ensured that everyone left with a greater understanding of sake, while at the same time not overwhelming guests with facts. I thought he did an excellent job by keeping the tone light but informative. 

Sushi plates prepared and served individually

On the night, we tried different sake. The hotel's Executive Chef David Main
was in attendance to make sure that this night was not only about sake, and at the end, we could choose from 3 as the pairing for our 3 course meal. Quite a nice concept. The meal included a selection of sushi and sashimi of course and ended with mochi ice cream. Ultimately though, this night was not so about food and drink as it was about connecting with people.

Mochi being readied for serving.
 SushiSan's Sake Tasting is set to be a regular monthly event, something that excites me. It is educational and also fun, while giving us an alternative to wine diners and cheaper too. Because we sat around a large table, there was a real intimate feel to the evening which I hope they will keep by limiting the number of guests to around 15-20. SushiSan is showing that it is willing to get creative with events like this to bring guests over to its casual Japanese experience. 

The Essentials

Holiday Inn
Airport Road (Embassy Area)
Abu Dhabi
+971 2 6574888

Sake Tasting including a 3 course meal and bottle of sake - 179AED net

Next Sake Tasting event 26 September 2017

Brandon Stoltenkamp