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Hotel Stay at Four Seasons Hotel, Tianjin.

I recently visited The Four Seasons Hotel in TIanjin to try their Taste of Artistry Culinary journey. It was only appropriate that I should spend the night.


The hotel is very conveniently located. Arriving by subway, after my 34 minute bullet train ride from Beijing, it was a mere two minute walk once I had left the station. Walking in to the hotel, I was immediately intoxicated by Chinese culture. Bamboo is a typical piece of Chinese iconography as it represents so many aspects of Chinese life, whether it is its symbol of strength and ruggedness or aesthetic appeal in Chinese paintings and it forms an essential part of the hotel lobby. However, it is the finishing that made an impression on me. Steel bamboo and water lillies, the latter another recognizable cultural elements in China, dominate the lobby. 
My check in was handled smoothly by Elvis, a gentle and well spoken front desk agent. He fully understood the value of his role in the guest experience. A poor check in goes a …

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