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Il Ristorante by Niko Romito Saturday Brunch...Simply fabulous - Bvlgari Hotel, Beijing

Having been in Beijing for over a year now, I have had the pleasure of trying quite a few brunches. I have become accustomed to a very formulaic approach. It has become comfortable actually, knowing what to expect conceptually. In quite a few cases, I have also lowered my expectations of service because I guess you could say this is a fairly young brunch market and restaurants in general are still learning. However, the playbook was thrown out recently when I went to Il Ristorante by Niko Romito  at the Bvlgari Hotel for Saturday brunch. As I was met at the door by Silvia, the hotel's Assistant F&B Director and guided past a bevy of Italian chefs making last minute adjustments to the brunch, I thought to myself, "Finally, a brunch that takes me on a journey". The thing is I have had the pleasure the last few years of trying some of the most incredible brunches while in the Middle East - Il Ristorante took me back to those brunches! These are the main talking points f…

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