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Brunch on the Terrace - The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing

Buffets can be a glorious occasion, especially when the restaurant hosting them places a premium on ingredients. However, I have always believed that when it comes to brunch, the set menu concept has so many virtues; less is more. The less is more concept, though, means your dishes have no place to hide because the menu is so limited. With buffets, you accept that dishes will hit and miss, but with a set menu, poor dishes stand out for the wrong reasons. I recently tried the Ritz Weekend Brunch but I prefer to call it the Brunch on the Terrace, a very exciting concept at The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing.  There is something so serene about the calming terrace, with its abundant greenery. Sipping champagne there takes the wow experience to a new level. The Brunch on the Terrace features a set menu with options. It is not an extensive menu, but neither should it be - this brunch is about simplicity. It is a different world to the buffet brunch hosted in Aroma, full of variety and fun,   Ritz Bu

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